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Utilize SQL Server Storage Effectively

Red Gate

Webcast Abstract

With the increased use of databases and the need to have more and more data online, database storage is an area DBAs need to manage effectively. If you plan your database and data management correctly you can build and manage a cost effective, high performing SQL Server solution. If not, you risk potential storage issues as well as performance degradation. This session will cover best practices and options focused on helping you manage your SQL Server storage. We will dive into the tools you can use to manage database storage, some of the latest trends, database design implications, data archiving and alternatives such as compression, BLOB data storage, filtered indexes and more. We’ll also introduce a tool that allows you to reduce the storage footprint of your live SQL Server databases.

Speaker - Steve Jones, Jeremy Kadlec

Steve is the editor and founder of SQLServerCentral, a SQL Server MVP, and has worked with the platform in a variety of industries since 1992.

Jeremy is the CTO @ Edgewood Solutions, co-founder of and a SQL Server MVP.

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