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  Different ways to get random data for SQL Server data sampling
  Using SOUNDEX and DIFFERENCE to Standardize Data in SQL Server
  SQL Server TSQL Aggregate Functions
  Concatenate SQL Server Columns into a String with CONCAT()
  Using SQL Server Concatenation Efficiently
  Concatenation of Different SQL Server Data Types
  New Data Type Conversion Functions in SQL Server 2012
Date Range
  SQL Servers Lag and Lead Functions to Help Identify Date Differences
  New Logical Functions in SQL Server 2012 (IIF and CHOOSE)
Meta Data
  Getting SQL Server Metadata With Python
  SQL Server 2008 System Functions to Monitor the Instance, Database, Files, etc.
  SQL Server Rounding Functions - Round, Ceiling and Floor
Random Data
  Randomly Retrieve SQL Server Records
  Retrieving random data from SQL Server with TABLESAMPLE
  Calculate the Statistical Mode in SQL Server using T-SQL
  Forgotten SQL Server Functions - VARP, SOUNDEX and NTILE
  Percent_Rank and Cume_Dist functions in SQL Server 2012
  SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Ranking Functions DENSE_RANK and NTILE
  SQL Server 2005 and 2008 Ranking Functions Row_Number and Rank
  SQL Server 2012 Analytical Functions - Percentile_Cont and Percentile_Disc
  SQL Server 2012 Functions - First_Value and Last_Value
  SQL Server 2012 Functions - Lead and Lag
Result Set
  Dynamically controlling the number of rows affected by a SQL Server query
  Deciding between COALESCE and ISNULL in SQL Server
  Name Parsing for Result Sets with Different Name Formats
  Name Parsing for up to Two Different Persons from One Name String with SQL Server T-SQL
  Name Parsing with SQL Server Functions and T-SQL Programming
  New FORMAT and CONCAT Functions in SQL Server 2012
  Performance Comparison of the SQL Server PARSE, CAST, CONVERT and TRY_PARSE, TRY_CAST, TRY_CONVERT Functions
  SQL Server Text Data Manipulation
  The Many Uses of Coalesce in SQL Server
  CHECKSUM Functions in SQL Server 2005
  SQL Server 2008 Functions for Tables, Views, Indexes, Columns, Stored Procedures
  Using the OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME function to return the SQL Server schema name
  Using the SQL Server APP_NAME function to control stored procedure execution

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