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  Backup and Restore SQL Server databases with Azure cloud services and SMO
  Backup and Restore with Cloud services (Windows Azure Blob Storage Service) using PowerShell
  Manage Online SQL Server Backups with CloudBerry
  SQL Server 2014 Backup Encryption
  Check for full SQL Server database backups before creating other backups
  CLR function to delete older backup and log files in SQL Server
  Do you know if your SQL Server database backups are successful
  Large log backups with bulk operations and read only databases
  SQL Server backup and restore of the Resource database
  SQL Server backup and restore to network drive
  SQL Server Backup Plan
  Using the FORFILES Command to Delete SQL Server Backups
  What is in your SQL Server backup files?
  Backing up your SQL Server to Amazon's Cloud in Three Easy Steps
  Free Cloud Storage for SQL Server Backups
  High Performance and Reliable SQL Server Cloud Backups with CloudBerry
  SQL Server Offsite Backup Tool with Time and Cost Savings from CloudBerry
  Changing the default SQL Server backup folder
  Function to Return Default SQL Server Backup Folder
  Purging MSDB Backup and Restore History from SQL Server
  SQL Server Database Backup Retention Periods
  Stop logging all successful backups in your SQL Server error logs
Copy Only
  Copy Only Backup for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008
  COPY_ONLY Backups with SQL Server
  Encrypting SQL Server backups with open source tools
File System
  SQL Server Backup Paths and File Management
Mirrored Backups
  Mirrored Database Backup Feature in SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008
  Automate Tracking SQL Server Backup Times with PowerShell
  How to find out how long a SQL Server backup took
  How to monitor backup and restore progress in SQL Server 2005 and 2008
  Script to find SQL Server databases without transaction log backups
  Script to retrieve SQL Server database backup history and no backups
  SQL Server Backup History Analysis
  SQL Server Database Backup and Restore Failure Notifications
  Verifying Backups with the RESTORE VERIFYONLY Statement
  Backup to multiple files for faster and smaller SQL Server files
  Options to Improve SQL Server Backup Performance
  Striping SQL Server Database Backups
  Testing SQL Server Backup Performance with Trace Flag 3042
  Checking SQL Server Database Backups When You Don't Have Access
  Verify SQL Server Backups Existence in the File System with PowerShell
  Standardize SQL Server backups and maintain existing job schedules
  Automating Transaction Log Backups for All SQL Server Databases
  Backup and Restore SQL Server databases programmatically with SMO
  Differential Database Backups for SQL Server
  How to Identify and Backup the Latest SQL Server Database in a Series
  Simple script to backup all SQL Server databases
  Encrypt and safeguard your SQL Server database backups
  Using passwords with SQL Server database backup files
  Comparing SQL Server Native Backup Times to SnapManager Backups
  Configuring Snap Backups with SMSQL for NetApps and SQL Server
  Considerations for Implementing SnapManager for SQL Server
  How to create a simple database backup using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  SQL Server 2005 Backup Product Options
  Issues with SQL Server backup log with no_log or truncate_only
  SQL Server Backup Tutorial

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