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  Prevent Confidential Data at the Application Layer from getting into SQL Server
  Using Triggers to Mitigate Some SQL Injection Effects
  Assigning DBA Rights in SQL Server
  Can I stop a System Admin from enabling SQL Server xp_cmdshell?
  Different ways to secure the SQL Server SA Login
  Identify Local Administrators on a SQL Server box using PowerShell
  Secure and disable the SQL Server SA Account
  Security Issues with the SQL Server BUILTIN Administrators Group
  When not to use the sa password in SQL Server applications
  When was the last time the SQL Server sa password changed?
  Who is logging in as the sa login in SQL Server?
  ASP.NET Security for SQL Server
  Auditing Failed Logins in SQL Server
  Auditing SQL Server 2012 Server Roles
  Auditing SQL Server Password Age
  Auditing SQL Server Permissions and Roles for the Server
  Auditing SQL Server User and Role Permissions for Databases
  Auditing Windows Groups from SQL Server
  Automate collection and saving of failed logins for SQL Server
  How to Audit Login Changes on a SQL Server
  How to find out what SQL Server rights have been granted to the Public role
  Script to auto generate a security report for your SQL Server instance
  SQL Server Security Audit Report
  Tables and Views for Auditing SQL Server Logins
  Use Extended Events to Get More Information About failed SQL Server Login Attempts
  Using a Backup to Find SQL Server Security Changes
  What to Audit at the SQL Server Instance Level
  SQL Server Security Checklist
  Running SQL Server Databases in the Amazon Cloud: Q & A
  How to configure SSL encryption in SQL Server
  How to troubleshoot SSL encryption issues in SQL Server
  How to Connect to a SQL Server Named Instance
Cross Database
  Breaking ownership chaining within a schema in SQL Server
  Dynamic SQL and Ownership Chaining in SQL Server
  Options for cross database access within SQL Server
  Ownership chaining in SQL Server security feature or security risk
  Understanding Cross Database Ownership Chaining in SQL Server
  Database level permissions for SQL Server 2005 and 2008
  Giving and removing permissions in SQL Server
  Implicit Permissions Due to Ownership Chaining or Scopes in SQL Server
  SQL Server Database Guest User Account
  Windows Groups to Support SQL Server 2005 Application Security
Database Roles
  Implicit Permissions Due to SQL Server Database Roles
  Nesting Database Roles in SQL Server
  Retrieving SQL Server Fixed Database Roles for Disaster Recovery
  The Power of the SQL Server Database Owner
  Understanding SQL Server fixed database roles
  How to Enable Secondary Decryption of SQL Server Symmetric Keys
  Securing and protecting SQL Server data, log and backup files with TDE
  SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) Performance Comparison
  Understanding the importance of key length with the SQL Server asymmetric encryption algorithms
  Understanding the SQL Server HASHBYTES hashing algorithms
  Understanding the SQL Server Symmetric Encryption Algorithms
  Using Views to Expose Encrypted Data in SQL Server
Extended Stored Procedure
  Creating a SQL Server proxy account to run xp_cmdshell
  How do I secure a SQL Server extended stored procedure?
  Replace xp_cmdshell command line use with SQL Server Agent
File System
  Accessing the Windows File System from SQL Server
  Auditing Critical Windows Files and Folders for SQL Server
  SQL Server 2005 Installation Log File Security Vulnerabilities
  Best Practices to Secure the SQL Server sa Account
  Grant User Access to All SQL Server Databases
  Map between SQL Server SIDs and Windows SIDs
  Prevent and Log Certain SQL Server Login Attempts
  Automated way to get all port information for SQL Server instances
  Configure Windows Firewall to Work with SQL Server
  Creating a Kerberos Delegation Table for SQL Server Access
  Get SQL Server SPN information for all servers using PowerShell
  Network communications mechanisms for SQL Server
  Protecting the SQL Server Backup folder
  Register a SPN for SQL Server Authentication with Kerberos
  Understanding When SQL Server Kerberos Delegation is Needed
  Using nmap to scan for SQL Servers on a network
  Get Alerts for Specific SQL Server Login Failed Events
  Options for hiding SQL Server code
  Add a Salt with the SQL Server HASHBYTES Function
  Generating A Password in SQL Server with T-SQL from Random Characters
  Generating a Password in T-SQL from a Table of Words
  How to configure password enforcement options for standard SQL Server logins
  How to Unlock a SQL Login Without Resetting the Password
  Identify blank and weak passwords for SQL Server logins
  Tracking Login Password Changes in SQL Server
  Using PowerShell to Audit for Blank SA Passwords
  Blocking SQL Server db_datareader, db_datawriter, and db_owner Permissions
  Compare SQL permissions using SQL Server Data Tools
  Determining Permission Issues for a SQL Server Object
  Extend the REVERT statement using the WITH COOKIE clause in SQL Server
  Filtering SQL Server Columns Using Column Level Permissions
  Grant Truncate Table Permissions in SQL Server without ALTER Table
  Granting permission with the EXECUTE AS command in SQL Server
  How come I can create SQL Server objects but not access these objects
  How to Clone a SQL Server Login, Part 1 of 3
  How to Clone a SQL Server Login, Part 2 of 3
  How to Clone a SQL Server Login, Part 3 of 3
  How to use module signing for SQL Server security
  Identifying the Tie Between Logins and Users
  Implementing SQL Server Row and Cell Level Security
  Issues Determining an Individual SQL Server User's Permissions
  Retrieving SQL Server Permissions for Disaster Recovery
  SQL Server nested securable permissions
  Understanding and dealing with orphaned users in a SQL Server database
  Understanding GRANT, DENY, and REVOKE in SQL Server
  Understanding How A User Gets Database Access in SQL Server
  Verify the databases a SQL Server login can see - and why
Personally Identifiable Information
  PCI Best Practices Guide for SQL Server DBAs
  SQL Server PCI DSS Security Patching Checklist
  SQL Server separation of duties
Professional Development
  Protect Confidential SQL Server Data Q and A
  SQL Server Security Community Questions on Windows, Server Level, Database, Roles and more
  Default Schema for Windows Group in SQL Server
  Script to Set the SQL Server Database Default Schema For All Users
  Script to determine permissions in SQL Server 2005
  Script to Drop All Orphaned SQL Server Database Users
  Script to drop SQL Server login and all owned objects using PowerShell
  Script to move all objects to a new schema for SQL Server
  Hiding instances of SQL Server 2005
  How to check SQL Server Authentication Mode using T SQL and SSMS
  Identify SQL Server 2005 Standard Login Settings
  Potential Security Exploit Using CONTROL SERVER Permissions in SQL Server
  Server level permissions for SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008
Server Roles
  Creating a SQL Server 2012 User Defined Server Level Role
  Identifying SQL Server logins with overlapping server roles
  SQL Server User Defined Server Roles
  Understanding SQL Server fixed server roles
Service Accounts
  How to Create Secure SQL Server Service Accounts
  How to determine service related privileges for Sql Server service account
  SQL Server Service Account Privileges
  Understanding how SQL Server handles Service Isolation
  Why System Account is a bad idea for SQL Server Service Account
  Enabling xp_cmdshell in SQL Server 2005
  Extended Protection available in SQL Server 2008 R2
  How to eliminate SQL Server security issue caused by sp_replwritetovarbin
  New Security Catalog Views in SQL Server 2005 and SQL 2008
  How to Setup Row Level Security for SQL Server
  Discover and Protect Confidential SQL Server Data with GreenSQL
  Securing SQL Server with SQL Secure
  Cannot make a role a member of itself error in SQL Server
  Correct the SQL Server Authentication Mode in the Windows Registry
  Get Back into SQL Server After You've Locked Yourself Out
  How to connect to SQL Server if you are completely locked out
  Recover access to a SQL Server instance
  Security issues when using aliased users in SQL Server
  SQL Server 7.0 to 2005 Security Vulnerabilities Could Allow Elevation of Login Privileges
  SQL Server Login Failure Error 18456, Severity 14, State 10
  SQL Server Login Issue With Default Database
  Steps to Drop an Orphan SQL Server User when it owns a Schema or Role
  Suspect SQL Server 2000 Database (Part 1 of 2)
  Unable to see a SQL Server table
  Why Can't I Set a Default SQL Server Schema for My Windows Group Login?
  Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file error
  Filtering Columns in SQL Server Using Views
  Grant limited permissions to create SQL Server views in another schema Part 1
  Grant limited permissions to create SQL Server views in another schema Part 2

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