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What is the community saying about MSSQLTips.com?

Do I love MSSQLTips.com???  What question is thatů Of course I LOVE MSSQLTips.com!  You guys do an amazing job.  I have learned a lot from this community. Every time that I have a question or issue I check MSSQLTips.com.  Thank you very much for all your tips, training, everything. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.
  Pam Davila  

MSSQLTips.com is like oxygen for a SQL Server DBA.  If I don't read the morning email, my day is not started.
  Atul Mathur - SQL Server DBA  

Love this site - and newsletters! I'm very new SQL Server and really appreciate the scope of your community. Even though there is a LOT of high level tips and articles, I do find at least one really good tip in each issue that's written for someone new to the technology. I also appreciate that you write for the various consumers of the information - DBA's, BA's, data analysts, etc. Even though I tend to stick with the tips regarding my level of consumption of databases - I do read some of the other tips and it gives a nice peek into the work challenges others have.
  Shiann Shipp