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SQL Server data comparison tools are responsible for comparing the values between 2 or more tables in separate databases and synchronizing the values. These applications typically have a straight forward interface to synchronize the data or to build a script which can complete the synchronization process when executed in Query Analyzer or Management Studio. Often times these SQL Server data comparison applications are executed by DBAs or Developers in production environment where the data is out of sync and needs to be corrected quickly. Many of these tools are coupled with schema comparison and code deployment applications.

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Additional Tools
SQL Data Compare  (Red Gate Software)
Omega Sync (Spectral Core)
dbForge Data Compare for SQL Server (Devart)
Comparison Suite for SQL Server (Quest Software)
CompareData (Zidsoft)
xSQL Bundle (xSQL Software)
xSQL DataCompare (xSQL Software)
SQL Examiner Suite (TulaSoft)
SQL Comparison Toolset (Idera)
SqlDiffFramework (SqlDiffFramework)
Data Comparer for SQL Server (EMS Database Management Solutions)
Compare SQL Databases (SQL Delta )
SQL Data Examiner (TulaSoft)
DB Ghost Data Compare  (Innovartis)
DataCompare  (Quest Software )
ApexSQL Data Diff (ApexSQL)
SQL DBCompare  (Best SoftTool)

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