Resolving the Database Performance Problem Blame Game

Quest sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Proven methods to absolve DBAs from blame for non-database issues

If youíre like most DBAs, you probably canít even count the number of times others have blamed your databases for an application performance issue - not that youíd want to know that number. Maybe the root cause of a problem did originate in the database, but maybe it didnít. It can be difficult to tell - especially when communication among the application, storage, virtualization, and database teams isnít in perfect sync.

Getting the true full picture of the entire environment is a challenge that just about every DBA faces, and native tools do little to help; they generally require a lot of manual work and may still fail to reveal the source of the problem at all.

In this educational webcast, weíll explore this issue along with ways to end the finger pointing and ensure your databases are no longer the default culprit.

Youíll learn tricks to:
- Understand normal (baseline) behavior
- Compare database query workloads over different time ranges
- Understand the performance impact of system and database change
- Monitor more than just the database
- Extend database performance data to other teams

Speaker - Jeff Currier

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