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Are the native SQL Server backup and recovery utilities holding you back?

Sponsored by - Quest

Webcast Abstract

SQL Server backup and recovery utilities sometimes have shortcomings as customers increase their SQL Server usage: unexpectedly long backup and restore times, inability to recover critical data destroyed by viruses or incorrectly coded SQL statements, and rising backup storage costs. How can DBAs solve these issues? Join Dell SQL server experts for an educational webcast that reviews key SQL Server backup and recovery issues. See why they should be proactively addressed, and when you should explore third-party data protection solutions. Then, discover the key features your SQL Server data protection solution should include, and learn about real-life customer experiences using these capabilities.

Speaker - Jason Hall

Jason Hall is the manager of database consulting at Quest Software, focused on helping train customers on the installation, configuration, and value proposition of Quest Softwares solutions for Database Management and Data Protection. Jason has been at Quest Software for 7 years.

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