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Getting Started with SQL Server's New Data Quality Services Webcast

Melissa Data

Webcast Abstract

With the release of Data Quality Services (DQS), Microsoft innovates its solutions for Data Quality and Data Cleansing from a Knowledge Driven Standpoint. In this presentation we will discuss the key concepts behind Knowledge Driven Data Quality, implement a Data Quality Project, and show how to build and improve your Knowledge Base through Domain Management and Knowledge Discovery. But what sets DQS apart is its ability to access Third Party Reference Data Sets through the Azure Marketplace. Access to shared knowledge empowers the business user to efficiently cleanse complicated and domain specific information such as addresses. We will also show examples of how to access RDS Providers and integrate them from the DQS Client.

Speaker - Joseph Vertido

Joseph Vertido is a Data Quality Analyst at Melissa Data, Joseph Vertido is an expert in the field of data quality. He has worked with numerous clients in understanding their business needs for data quality, analyzing their architecture and environment, and recommending strategic solutions for how to successfully integrate data quality within their infrastructure. He has also written several articles for implementing data quality solutions and techniques. Joseph holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.
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