SQL Server Wait Stats from A to Z

Confio sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

A SQL Server performance problem lurking in your environment is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone knows that an ounce of prevention can go a long way. But with shifting priorities and limited time, performance problems can quickly become widespread. In this demo centric session, we will identify and diagnose lurking SQL Server performance problems using SQL Server wait stats, which are invaluable metrics internal to the database engine providing insight into performance bottlenecks. We will also show you how a third-party solution from Confio can help you quickly identify the waits that are causing the greatest performance problems.

Speaker - Jeremy Kadlec and Neil Hambly

Jeremy Kadlec is the CTO @ Edgewood Solutions, where he focuses on core SQL Server Administration and Development needs for organizations on the east coast of the United States. Jeremy is also the co-founder of MSSQLTips.com where he serves as a managing editor and regular contributor with over 200 tips, web casts and tutorials. Jeremy has been recognized as a SQL Server MVP since 2009.

Neil Hambly is a SQL veteran of more than 13 years, with expertise in SQL Server from Version 6.5 to the latest 2012 editions. He's held database roles at major organizations, including the BBC, ABN AMRO, Accenture and MDSL, as well as at a number of smaller companies. An active speaker and leader of the London Area SQL Server User Group (UK), Neil can frequently be seen at UK and international events.

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