Increasing Your SQL Server Availability Options with SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition

SIOS sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Shared storage is one of the biggest challenges for deploying clustered instances of SQL Server (FCIs). Each instance needs its own resources, including some form of shared disk – be it on a traditional SAN, a Server Message Block (SMB) share starting with SQL Server 2012, or a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) starting in SQL Server 2014. There is only one way to reduce the overhead and expense of needing some form of shared storage while still being able to deploy an FCI: SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition. Combining DataKeeper software with Fusion-io cards in each node, you can now not only deploy FCIs that do not require shared storage, but increase your performance as well. DataKeeper is not just for creating FCIs; it can be used to bridge the gap and create hybrid availability solutions for SQL Server that span into Amazon’s EC2 cloud services. Join us for this one hour webinar to see how SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition can help you increase the availability options for your SQL Server deployments.

Speaker - Allan Hirt

Cluster MVP Allan Hirt and SQLHA co-founder is a consultant, published author, speaker, and trainer who has been using Microsoft SQL Server in various guises since 1992. Although he grew up in South Jersey, he now lives in the Boston, MA, area and travels all over the world to work with and train clients. His most recent book is "Pro SQL Server 2008 Failover Clustering" (Apress) and is currently working on its sequel, Mission Critical SQL Server, due in 2013. He can be found on twitter at @SQLHA and you can read his blog at

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