Security, Compliance, and SQL Server

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Webcast Abstract

The worst time to implement SQL Server Security Best Practices is after itís too late.

Managing a SQL Server is about more than just up time and performance. It has to be secure and it has to support the compliance (legal) needs of the organization.  

This presentation will look at:

  • Role - The role of the Security and Compliance teams
  • Goals - What they need to accomplish to be successful
  • Mistakes - Common security mistakes made when dealing with technical teams.
  • Compliance for DBAs - We'll take a quick look at PCI as example of the kinds of requirements they get and how it translates to the world of the DBA
  • SQL Server Security Checklist - We'll dig into a quick review of Andy Warren's Security Checklist for SQL Server - 10 things you should be doing whether it's required by the organization or not.

This webinar will conclude with a short GreenSQL product demo showing how easy you can achieve security and compliance on your SQL Servers if you do not have the time or experience. This will be followed by a Q&A session for you to get your security questions answered.

Speaker - Andy Warren and David Maman

Andy Warren is a SQL Server consultant based in Orlando. A founding member of, President of the Orlando SQL Server Users Group, and one of the founders of SQLSaturday. He has been an MVP since 2009 and has written and presented extensively SQL Server. Andy blogs at, is on LinkedIn at, and is occasionally on Twitter as @SQLAndy.

David Maman is a recognized international expert in computer security advising companies on threat management, real-time network protection, advanced network design and security architecture. In addition to his bachelorís and masterís degrees in computer science, David confesses to being heavily self-taught.

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