Improving SQL Server Performance by Writing Faster T-SQL Code

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Stored procedures and functions are the mainstay of SQL Server coding. In this session you will learn techniques to locate problematic code and to improve the performance of procedures and functions.

Step one is to discover where the time is going using standard server traces, code that analyzes the trace, and the new SQL Server Extended Events. Once we know where the time is going we will look at strategies to improve performance.

Some of the concepts we will cover include:

  • Why temp tables can be the key
  • Managing indexes on temp tables and why heaps are often the best choice
  • Determining if an index is helping
  • Suppressing auto created statistics on temp tables
  • Rewriting scalar and multi-statement functions as inline functions and why it's so important
  • Mastering minimally logged operations
  • When temp tables are better performing than table variables and how to choose
  • Temp table reuse and how to achieve reuse
Each technique will be illustrated using real examples from Andy's SQL Server development work.

Don't miss this webcast and learn how to improve your SQL Server environment by writing better code.

Speaker - Andy Novick

Andy Novick is a SQL Server Developer in the Boston area with 25 years of database and application development experience. His consulting practice focuses on building applications, including software products that use SQL Server's capabilities to the maximum. He has developed both OLTP and data warehouse databases with multi-terabytes scale. He has particular expertise in automating data management for such large databases. Other recent projects have included ETL, Security and SQL Injection prevention. Andy is the originator of the popular "SQL Server Loadfest" event held in Waltham, MA.

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