SQL Server Database Security Best Practices

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Webcast Abstract

With the numerous data breaches that are popping up in the news all the time, we as SQL Server Professionals need to take a hard look at our environment and make the most out of the native SQL Server features available to us.  Nobody wants to see your company in the news for the wrong reasons.  But should you only be concerned about external threats?

When working with customers, I see security taking a back seat to database performance and the notion of “being able to have things just work”.  The reality is that security needs to get folded into the equation, because the tangible and intangible costs of a breach can have a permanent impact on the organization and your career.  Don’t be naïve with an internal threat and let valuable data get compromised with insufficient SQL Server database security.

In this demo centric session, we will focus on the following topics:

- Security Assessment and Realistic Implementations
- SA Login and Administrative Rights to SQL Server
- Practical approaches to secure SQL Server data
- Identifying and analyzing SQL Server permissions
- Auditing Options

Don’t miss this demo centric session and also see how you can take your SQL Server security to the next level with a solution from GreenSQL.

Speaker - Jeremy Kadlec and David Maman

Jeremy Kadlec is the CTO @ Edgewood Solutions, co-founder of www.MSSQLTips.com, co-leader of the Baltimore SSUG and a SQL Server MVP since 2009.

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