Free SQL Server tools to manage, optimize and monitor your environment

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Webcast Abstract

Managing a SQL Server environment can be quite challenging. There are several aspects and data sets to monitor, configure, tune, administer and optimize.

Microsoft provides tools that are pre-built into SQL Server such as DMVs, Activity Monitor, Import Export Wizard, Profiler and Database Tuning Advisor. Gaining a good understanding of your SQL Server environment requires an efficient set of tools, and sometimes these donít meet your required needs. Scripts offer visibility into data points to help solve issues, but third party applications can make these repetitive day-to-day tasks simple.

With so many free SQL Server tools provided, the task of finding the perfect one for your needs can be daunting. In this webcast, we will take a look at some free tools that Microsoft offers that are not part of the SQL Server installation as well as free tools from Idera. Join us for this webcast to learn how these tools can increase productivity and reduce headaches for DBAs.

Speaker - Greg Robidoux

Greg Robidoux is the President and founder of Edgewood Solutions, a technology services company delivering services and solutions for Microsoft SQL Server. He has been working with SQL Server since 1999 and has authored numerous articles and delivered several presentations related to SQL Server.

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