SQL Server Fragmentation - Fact vs. Fiction

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Fragmentation - an often used word that is unfortunately also so often misunderstood. Fragmentation exists in multiple flavors, has different characteristics and effects on different types of data structures, and can be a major problem in some scenarios (also can be a non-issue at times as well). We'll discuss the different types of index structures, how and when they become fragmented (if they become fragmented), and when you should be concerned about fragmentation (and when not to be so concerned). We'll also be discussing multiple methods for monitoring and analyzing fragmentation, and discussing the different methods for removing fragmentation if appropriate.

Also get the slides and scripts that were used in the presentation.

Speaker - Chad Boyd

Our presenter, Chad Boyd is an Architect, Administrator, and Developer with technologies such as Sql Server (and all related technologies), Windows Server, and Windows Clustering. He currently works with Gratis Internet Inc., and online marketing firm based in Washington, DC (www.gratisinternet.com), and also spends a significant amount of time writing, talking, presenting and blogging about Sql Server in the local DC area and online at mssqltips.com and his personal site, chadhoc.net.

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