Automate Backup Recovery Before Problems Arise with SQL Safe Backup

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

When problems arise and databases need to be restored, there may not be sufficient time to interact with user interfaces, compile SQL scripts, and wait for the full restoration before regaining access to critical databases. SQL Safe Backup provides policy-based management for defining and automating restore schedules across multiple server groups, servers, and databases. Eliminate scripts and overhead of native restore operations. Report exceptions for jobs that did not complete as planned.

Also, SQL Safe Backup provides several conventional and advanced recovery capabilities. IntelliRestore provides graphical point-in-time recovery. IntelliRestore streams data from backups on-demand while restoring in the background. Virtual Database accesses data in backups instantly without restoring. With InstantRestore and Virtual Database, the recovery database acts as a fully functional database, supporting all read and write operations and connectivity to all applications. Next-generation Object Level Recovery (OLR) provides support for all backup file types and recovery of more objects.

Speaker - Tep Chantra

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