Use Cases for Replicating SQL Server Data

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Webcast Abstract

SQL Server has the ability to scale to very large databases with thousands of concurrent users, but having all of your data in one database is often not the most ideal solution. The data in your database may support several applications on various platforms and in multiple locations, so how do you use your valuable data to best support your organization? This is where data replication comes into play.

There are many different use cases for data replication and in this webcast, Susan Wong will cover why and how to effectively implement a data replication solution for SQL Server.

Some of the things that will be covered are:

  • Migrating databases to new servers
  • Offloading reporting to data marts or a data warehouse
  • Migrating to different database platforms
  • Maintaining near real time consolidated data from multiple sources and/or locations
  • Maintaining production loads and synchronous data in test and development environments
  • Keeping data synchronized in multiple remote locations for data distribution
  • Maintaining a near real time copy to offload processes archiving, reporting, read only activity, and more
See how SharePlex for SQL Server can accommodate all of these use cases. Shareplex is a comprehensive data replication solution that provides replication from SQL Server to SQL Server as well as to other database platforms, [and Oracle to other database platforms, too.]

Speaker - Susan Wong

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