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Speeding up SQL by Maximizing Disk IO

Sponsored by - Fusion-io

Webcast Abstract

Are I/O bottlenecks slowing your database or application performance? Do you even know if you have an I/O bottleneck? If so, this webcast is one you can’t miss. MSSQLTips and Fusion-io have teamed to provided an informative session on reducing the problems associated with I/O limitations. MSSQLTips will cover some “tuning” tips and tricks and Fusion-io will show how customers are utilizing a new NAND-based memory tier to boost SQL performance by 2x-10x.

Speaker - Jeremy Kadlec and Sumeet Bansal

Jeremy Kadlec is the CTO @ Edgewood Solutions, where he focuses on core SQL Server Administration and Development needs for organizations in the United States.

Sumeet Bansal is the principal solutions architect for Fusion-io and is responsible for designing architectural solutions that use Fusion-io product lines as core to deliver unprecedented levels of scalability, performance and simplicity.

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