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Quickly fix index and query performance problems with SQL Diagnostic Manager

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Sponsored by - IDERA

Webcast Abstract

Everyone wants their SQL queries to run faster, but how can you achieve that? Executing resource-intensive queries requires a significant amount of processor time, memory, and bandwidth, and storage. Queries preventing each other from using these resources can eventually lead to blocking. Common causes of blocking are a lack of proper database indexes, poor execution plans, poor application design, and misconfigured SQL Servers. Accurately identifying problematic indexes and queries is required to resolve potential performance issues in early stages before they cause severe problems for the organization.

Join Doug Walsh to learn how to monitor and diagnose the performance of indexes and queries multiple different ways (such as viewing query signatures, query statements, query history, query waits, query execution plans, worst offenders, and prescriptive workload analysis) in a SQL Server environment with IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager.

Speaker - Doug Walsh

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