SQL Server Performance Advanced Monitoring and Best Practices

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Improving SQL Server performance by using advanced monitoring and best practices is key to ensure you rollout and maintain the best possible database solution. Continuing to use poor practices and a lack of monitoring is a sure way to eventually create major issues.

In this webcast we will cover several topics you can employ for a better SQL Server environment.

Some of the areas we will cover include:

How to increase your ability to track performance by expanding the use of existing features such as user defined performance counters, SET CONTEXT_INFO and newer execution plan DMVs.

We will cover common practices that leads to poor performance such as queries that use OR in WHERE clauses, not building updates that are in-place and not batching transactions.

Also, we will look at ideas to increase your performance by understanding when to use features such as table partitioning and in-memory tables.

Join us for this free SQL Server webcast.

Speaker - Mike Zawadzki

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