Matching Bare Metal Performance: The Cost of Building Really Fast SQL Server VMs

Condusiv sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Virtualization and SQL Server are both mature technologies and have advanced well together. While many large workloads still favor physical hardware, it is possible to build virtual machines that match physical performance, but they come at tradeoff--typically less density in the virtual environment, which can run counter to the goals of your virtualization team. In this session, you will learn about techniques for building the fastest SQL Server VMs, and how to manage those arguments with your virtualization team.

You will learn about:

  • Proper configuration of your VM storage adapters for database workloads
  • Reserving memory so your SQL Server is not memory starved
  • Configuring NUMA to match your physical host
  • SQL Server best practices and settings for virtual machines
  • How to better communicate with your VM administrator
  • Windows and storage limitations impeding performance
  • And more

We will also learn about a solution from Condusiv Technologies that will double SQL Server performance in virtual environments with no code changes. Everyone attending will receive a free license of V-locity v7 I/O reduction software which is a $524.95 value.

Speaker - Joseph D'Antoni and Spencer Allingham

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