Managing and Monitoring Hybrid SQL Server Database Environments

Red-Gate sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

In an ever changing SQL Server environment, efficient management and monitoring is critical. In this webcast we describe the differences between Azure DB and on-premises SQL Server database environments and show how these are managed differently by the Database Administrator. We'll hook up to both a traditional on-premises SQL Server environment and an Azure DB environment, comparing and contrasting methods of managing backups, examining the log files and using monitoring tools.

We will also demonstrate how to use the Azure Portal metrics to assess database health; which tools and techniques work well for both on-premises and Azure environments (including Activity Monitor and Dynamic Management Views) and demonstrate methods to back up and clone Azure databases. We'll look at recommendations, an Azure-based tool to make the most out of your Azure database performance, and talk about scaling your environments effectively.

Next, we'll demonstrate how to migrate a simple SQL Server database from on-premises to Azure using the Data Migration Assistant, and how to export an Azure database to .BACPAC and restore it on your local on-premises SQL Server instance.

Finally, we will learn about a solution from Redgate that can take your management and monitoring to the next level.

Speaker - Derek Colley and James King

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