Are your SQL Server databases suffering from deadlocks?

IDERA sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Deadlocks are required for concurrent operations of SQL Server to prevent data inconsistency and loss. However, deadlocks impair the performance of databases. Addressing deadlocks requires tuning of applications, databases, and systems. When deadlocks are a persistent problem, changes in the design of applications and databases may be needed. Join IDERA’s Todd Phillippe to learn how to monitor, alert, diagnose, and report on deadlocks with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server. View deadlocks for session and query performance, analyze locked and blocked sessions with deadlocks, and detect deadlocks with prescriptive analysis. Also, access deadlock metrics for managed cloud instances, display deadlocks on mobile devices, and set activity monitor options for deadlocks.

Speaker - Todd Phillippe

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