Break Out of Your Silo - Know Your SQL Server Storage!

SolarWinds sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Question: How many SQL Server database professionals would need to be convinced that databases are I/O intensive? We’ll put the over/under at 1% - and I’ll take the under. So why isn’t there more visibility and emphasis on the storage our databases are dependent on?

  • Because we don’t own it?
  • Because flash drives are still pretty expensive?
  • Because we don’t like talking to the storage admins?
  • Because we’re not experts on storage concepts and don’t want to sound unintelligent?
  • Because the Storage Admins keep saying that storage is not a problem?

OK, new year, time to put excuses aside. Join us for a discussion about common I/O issues and how SolarWinds® Storage Resource Monitor can help you optimize existing storage, provide visibility into systemic latency issues, and elevate your knowledge as a SQL Server database professional and provide the tools you need to have productive conversations with your Storage Admins.

Speaker - Rob Mandeville and Kevin M. Sparenberg

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