Making the Most of Indexes in Microsoft SQL Server

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Webcast Abstract

Your SQL Server database queries aren’t performing well and you know you have enough hardware to handle the load. What else should you look at? One area is the indexing on the data and how those indexes are used. Not having indexes, or not having the correct indexes, means SQL Server has to do more work to return the same data. Likewise, you can have the proper indexes, but the queries themselves don’t make effective use of them.

In this presentation, we’ll take a look at how SQL Server parses a query and determines its execution plan for retrieving or updating data. We’ll also review the types of indexes and how SQL Server uses them to be more efficient with data access and how poorly written queries can result in not using indexes that would otherwise benefit us. Finally, we’ll talk about how to improve our indexing and queries together for increased performance.

Speaker - K. Brian Kelley

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