SQL Server Myths Debunked... Or Are They?

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Webcast Abstract

Numerous SQL Server experts have done a great job of debunking many of the common myths that crop up around SQL Server best practices and usage. However in some cases, the debunking of those myths creates unintended consequences we ignore the underlying truth which started the myth in the first place.

Join independent SQL Server expert Michael K. Campbell for a survey of misperceptions that have arisen from commonly debunked SQL Server myths. By attending this free webcast you'll learn how shrinking and using multiple files can be a best practice, what AWE and locking files in memory really means, along with other best practices that you may be missing out on because of misconceptions.

Speaker - Michael Campbell

Michael K. Campbell is an independent SQL Server consultant and contributing editor to SQL Server Magazine. As a former DBA and Database developer for several well-known companies, he has over 11 years of experience of working with SQL Server and has written articles and given presentations on a wide variety of SQL Server Best Practices. He enjoys teaching and sharing insights about SQL Server and has made over four hours of free SQL Server Video tutorials available at www.sqlservervideos.com.

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