Survival of the Fittest: Melissa’s Matching Approaches for Golden Record Management

Melissa sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

There is no debate – duplicate data is unwanted data. But, issues behind duplicate data detection persist, such as sound-alike matches, misspellings, abbreviations, nicknames and other variants of fuzzy matching records. So how do you overcome those challenges? It takes deep domain knowledge and a toolset of deterministic and probabilistic matching algorithms. Join our webinar to learn about Melissa Matchup – powerful, easy-to-use matching software equipped with the capabilities needed to match, merge and purge even the most difficult-to-detect duplicate records!

 What we will cover:

  • Real-world problems and implications of duplicate data
  • Tackling international challenges with MatchUp
  • What makes a golden record and how data survives the process
  • Demo of deduplication within SQL Server + advanced fuzzy matching

Speaker - Neal Waterstreet

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