Azure SQL Database Performance Monitoring and Optimization

SolarWinds sponsored on-demand webinar

Webcast Abstract

Many organizations have already deployed or plan to deploy databases in the cloud, both in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementations. People who move to the cloud might think everything's completely hands-off, but monitoring and optimization is even more critical because you share resources and have no control over the infrastructure.

For cloud databases, we see customers who need performance problem resolution, optimizing SQL, and table tuning. SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) resolves these issues through machine learning, wait time analysis, and tuning advisors. Join us for a look at how DPA crosses over from on-premises to the cloud to monitor and optimize SQL Server® databases running in Microsoft® Azure®, including Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

In this 30-minute webcast, we'll cover:

  • The types of SQL Server implementations in Azure
  • An overview of SolarWinds end-to-end solutions
  • How Database Performance Analyzer works with Azure SQL Database
  • The process for deploying Database Performance Analyzer in Azure
  • Product demo

Speaker - John Maxwell and Ed Saenz

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