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Global Address Data Quality - Storage, Correction, and Verification

Learn about the differences in address format, quality, and structure around the world and how that can impact the effective storage of "useful" address data within the Enterprise. In addition, we'll discuss how address data can be "mangled" when stored and how it can impact the overall quality level of any tool used for address validation and correction internationally. With 240+ countries and territories around the world, this is not a small consideration. Some of the things that will be covered are: - Understanding the differences between US addressing considerations and rest of world. - Review of data types necessary for address data - The value of address verification and correction in your database and analytics - Review the optimal structure of storing international address data See how Melissa Global Intelligence for SQL Server can accommodate all of these use cases in address quality.

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Thursday, August 31, 2017
7:00:00 PM UTC | 3:00:00 PM EDT


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Charles Gaddy is a business development manager at Melissa focused on global data quality with 17+ years of experience in Information Technology, Product Management and Sales Support. Charles' work at Melissa focuses on international growth and product strategy for Melissa's global product suite. Charles' past positions include VP of Product Management, Senior Alliance Manager, Senior Sales Engineer and Director of Information Technology. He has specific virtual expertise in banking, insurance, direct marketing technology and software data quality market sectors.

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