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Improve Database Performance by Tuning Problematic SQL Queries

Problematic SQL queries can severely reduce the performance of SQL Server and the business-critical applications that it supports. Consequently, it is essential to have access to detailed, real-time information on the performance of entire instances and databases, along with diagnostic tools to quickly locate and resolve specific performance issues.

Join Gary Smith as he demonstrates how IDERA DB Optimizer identifies previously undetected performance issues, accelerates SQL profiling and tuning, and visualizes complex SQL queries. Subsequently, Bullett Manale will show how IDERA SQL Doctor profiles SQL queries and generates expert recommendations to tune the performance of SQL queries and database indexes. See how these tools compare against your SQL performance needs.

Webcast Date

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
8:00:00 PM UTC | 3:00:00 PM EDT


presenter 1
Bullett Manale is a Director of Sales Engineering at Idera Software.

presenter 2
Gary Smith is a Software Consultant based in Austin, Texas. He has worked for Idera for more than three years and has a diverse background in industry and technology including data modeling, SaaS, ecommerce, social media, weapons systems, and telecommunications to name a few. Gary has worked for over two decades managing programs, projects and consulting to many of the Fortune 500.

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