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The more things change… DBAs versus Sysadmins in cloud availability

Database and system administrators have historically had different perspectives on many topics such as high availability, disaster recovery, and performance tuning. Since one silo generally does not have full visibility into the other silos, the age-old shouting match exists when an availability challenge occurs. “Your systems must have the issue, not mine!” is a constant theme during these situations. However, moving these critical systems to the cloud presents some new challenges. Availability becomes an even more critical topic, as outages can occur more randomly than with on-premises systems, and the two sides must work more closely to achieve system availability that meets their organization’s SLAs.

Come learn tips on how to work with your system administrators to achieve a higher level of ability for your critical SQL Servers in the cloud.

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Thursday, May 03, 2018
5:00:00 PM UTC | 1:00:00 PM EDT


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David Klee is a Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert with over seventeen years of IT experience. David spends his days handling performance and HA/DR architecture of mission-critical SQL Servers as the Founder of Heraflux Technologies. His areas of expertise are virtualization and performance, datacenter architecture, and risk mitigation through high availability and disaster recovery. You can read his blog at davidklee.net, and reach him on Twitter at @kleegeek.

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