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Job Management Beyond SQL Server Agent with JAMS

Most SQL Server shops predominantly use SQL Server Agent to schedule tasks and it’s acceptable most of the time. Unfortunately, SQL Server Agent has limitations. In addition to SQL Server Agent Jobs some shops also run tasks on Windows Task Scheduler and CRON adding to the complexity of daily management, monitoring and reporting. As environments get more complex, these tools lack the needed features for efficiently managing tasks across the enterprise. How do you manage a growing list of scheduled processes, resolve dependencies and accommodate numerous business calendars across all those tools?

Breathe new life into difficult-to-manage SQL Server tasks and workloads. Learn how to efficiently run and maintain jobs running across hundreds, even thousands of SQL Server instances with ease. Learn how JAMS provides:

Join us for this demo centric webcast on JAMS to learn how to efficiently manage SQL Server Jobs across the enterprise.

Webcast Date

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
3:00:00 PM EDT | 7:00:00 PM UTC


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Kevin Vliet is the Product Evangelist, and Director of Support Services for JAMS, the enterprise workload automation solution from HelpSystems. He has led more than 100 enterprise conversions to JAMS and is an expert on the nuances of scheduling on Task Scheduler, SQL Agent, Cron, and many business applications. Kevin has presented at numerous SQL, Microsoft, and PowerShell user group meetings, on topics such “Enterprise Security for Batch Processes”; “PowerShell Automation”; and “Hybrid Cloud Automation”. Kevin co-authored the JAMS University curriculum, a comprehensive training program for training IT administrators to manage large-scale, cross-platform enterprise workflows.

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