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Indexing for Performance: Query Strategies to Maximize Your SQL Server Indexes

Few things influence the speed and performance of SQL statements within SQL Server® as much as indexes. This session will help you understand the basics of query performance in relation to the indexes on your production database. We'll teach you how to determine whether you're using good index strategies and the direct impact your indexing strategy has on queries.

Using a variety of examples, we'll show you how indexes can affect query performance, and a variety of best practices and ways queries can be written to maximize indexes in place. In this session, you'll learn things like:

  1. The building blocks of index behavior, such as cardinality estimates, density, and statistical distribution
  2. How to determine which indexes are used by a query by reviewing its execution plan and by querying important Dynamic Management Views (DMVs)
  3. A variety of query patterns and best practices to ensure optimal index usage

Prerequisites: Beginning SQL query writing skills. Basic understanding of indexes in a relational database.

Webcast Date

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
1:00:00 PM EDT (New York) | 5:00:00 PM UTC


presenter 1

Kevin Kline

Kline is a noted database expert and software industry veteran. At previous companies, his product designs won multiple "Best of" and "Readers' Choice" awards.

Kline was a founding board member and former president of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), is an avid blogger and database columnist, author of the best-selling book, SQL in a Nutshell, and ten other books. He is a frequent webinar host and speaker at various industry conferences and user groups and has traveled the world as part of his multi-continent roadshows.

A Microsoft SQL Server MVP since 2003, Kline is passionate about improving the quality of life for Microsoft database professionals and their customers. As a SolarWinds Head Geek, he focuses on helping customers with troubleshooting and adopting best practices for optimal database performance monitoring, on-premises and in the cloud.

presenter 2

Thomas LaRock

Thomas LaRock has over 20 years of IT experience holding roles such as programmer, developer, analyst, and database administrator. He is a Microsoft Certified Master, VMware vExpert, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a 12-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP.

Thomas has spent much of his career focused on data and database administration, which led to his election as a Technical Evangelist for Confio Software in 2010, where his research and experience helped create the initial versions of the software now known as SolarWinds® Database Performance Analyzer (DPA).

LaRock has served on the board of directors for the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), and is an avid blogger, author, and technical reviewer for numerous books about SQL Server management. He’s made it his mission to give IT and data professionals longer weekends.

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