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Identify SQL Server Performance Problems Quickly and Efficiently

Optimal SQL Server performance remains a high priority for DBAs and Developers. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify the root cause of the issue, optimize the queries, implement the needed changes and validate the improvement. SQL Server has many siloed tools that work independently of each other resulting in significant time gathering data rather than resolving issues.

This is where SQL Grease can provide a tremendous amount of insight, time savings and performance improvements. SQL Grease is a performance monitoring tool that provides deep insight into performance problems down to the query level across all of your instances in the cloud and on-premises. This demo centric session will highlight some of SQL Grease's features for performance scenarios including:

There are many performance products on the market, but SQL Grease goes in depth on your queries to give you the insight you need to have the application performance your users demand.

Webcast Date

Thursday, April 6, 2023
1:00:00 PM EDT (New York) | 5:00:00 PM UTC


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Franklin Yamamoto, CEO @ SQL Grease

Starting with Apple Basic in second grade and eventually taking a part time programming job in college, computers have been a big part of Franklin's life. After graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona, Franklin went on to work in the IT industry full-time where he found a niche in performance tuning. While working for fortune 500 companies, he gained experience tuning high transaction volume systems, and later applied that knowledge to a performance tuning consulting practice. A common thread in unpredictable performance was the database. After working with a variety of tools at client sites and finding gaps in what was truly necessary to diagnose a database performance issue, Franklin started a POC of what is now SQLGrease. Franklin's goal is to build software capable of replacing himself so that he could spend more time sailing.

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