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SQL Server Query Tuning - A 12-Step Program

Sponsored by - SolarWinds

Whitepaper Abstract

Query tuning is a powerful tool for DBAs and developers alike in improving SQLServer performance. Unlike measures of system-level server performance (memory,processors, and so on), query tuning puts the focus on reducing the amount oflogical I/O in a given query, because the fewer I/Os, the faster the query. In fact,some performance issues can only be resolved through query tuning, and focusingon system resources can lead to expensive and unnecessary hardware investmentsthat donít in the end make the query faster.

Yet many DBAs struggle with query tuning. How do you assess a query? How canyou discover flaws in the way a query was written? How can you uncover hiddenopportunities for improvement? How can you be certain that making a specificalteration actually improves the speed of the query? What makes query tuning asmuch an art as a science is that there are no right or wrong answers, only what ismost appropriate for a given situation.

This paper demystifies query tuning by providing a rigorous 12-step process thatdatabase professionals at any level can use to systematically assess and adjust queryperformance, starting from the basics and moving to more advanced query tuningtechniques like indexing. When you apply this process from start to finish, you willimprove query performance in a measurable way, and you will know that you haveoptimized the query as much as is possible.

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Learn more about SQL Server tools