2023 Data Quality Report

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Although some hypes have settled down in the current technological landscape – blockchain, metaverses, and big data – some trends or patterns are consistent. One of those trends is the constant struggle to maintain good data quality.

Since people began storing data in relational databases or other storage systems, there has been a need for data cleaning, matching, and verification. With the explosion of data in the last decade and the proliferation of data tools, this challenge certainly has not decreased.

From the 780 respondents of the 2023 data quality survey conducted by MSSQLTips.com most face a variety of data quality challenges, and many of them need to spend considerable resources to deal with those challenges.  Some feedback includes:

"A lot of data quality initiatives have trouble getting started. Many organizations indicate a lack of time, resources, or budget to set up an encompassing data quality strategy. Lack of vision or skills [is] also contributing factors for the ongoing struggle against bad data quality."
"Really essential that C-level execs understand the importance of data quality / governance and lead from the top."

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