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SQL Server 2008 has arrived

By:   |   Updated: 2007-06-06   |   Comments   |   Related: More > Upgrades and Migrations

Too many changes, not enough time.  Here we go again, another new version of SQL Server ready to be launched sometime in the near future.  Microsoft has officially named the next version of SQL Server as SQL Server 2008, so based on the official name I would assume we will see the RTM release sometime in 2008.  This release was previously known as "Katmai", but this week Microsoft has released the first CTP version available for download.  As far as the clients that I work with, most are still running SQL Server 2000, so does this potentially mean a double jump like a lot of people took from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2000?

The details are still a little sketchy about what the differences are in this new version, but Microsoft has made available a download of this new version so you can see this in action for yourself. 

Here are some links to this new version:

Based on the information on the website here are some of the new features that are available in this next release:

  • Additional security enhancements
  • Development change to work with business entities vs tables and columns
  • Ability to use any data type
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities
  • New encryption options
  • Improved auditing
  • Failover improvements
  • Automatic recovery from corruption
  • Database mirroring compression
  • Hot add CPU
  • New declarative management framework
  • Data compression
  • Resource governors
  • etc...

Take a look at this document for further insight as well as taking a look at the TechEd webcast.

Nest Steps

  • Download and install the SQL Server 2008 June CTP and see what you think
  • Send us your feedback, so we can let the rest of the MSSQLTips community know what you think.  Send feedback to [email protected].
  • If you have any other information about this new version, let us know so we can inform the MSSQLTips community.

Last Updated: 2007-06-06

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