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Our job scheduling is so complex, from a business perspective. We have a number of related processes that we need to call over the course of the day. We have setup many of these processes in SQL Server as jobs across numerous SQL Server instances that call stored procedures and SSIS Packages. We also call processes on other platforms outside of SQL Server. These processes are managed by some of my team members. However, we are all dependent on one another for the overall process to complete.

When we started running all of these processes, we had some notifications in place. We also added some time gaps, so that we could react quickly, if we had a problematic process. Outside of these jobs, we even do some preliminary validation to try to catch issues ahead of time. The reality for our business is that we have grown dramatically. The business needs the processes to complete quicker and we do not have the man power to babysit these jobs all day with the rest of our responsibilities.

Are there any other options to manage these processes in a more effective manner?


SQL Server Agent provides a fairly robust set of functionalities to schedule, alert and review system level job data for a single SQL Server. You have the ability to chain jobs together, call jobs on different SQL Servers, execute SSIS Packages, call applications in the Windows file system, setup notification via email for failed, completed or successful jobs, and much more. It sounds like you have outgrown what SQL Server has to offer natively and you have the need to support other platforms as well. I am not sure of the challenges on the other platforms, but I assume they are similar. At this point you may need to look to another solution to help meet your needs.

Let me introduce you to JAMS Job Scheduler from HelpSystems to see if it can help you solve your workflow management issues. HelpSystems has been helped more than 15,000 organizations around the globe with enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solutions, as well as numerous IT operations solutions for more than 25 years. Their solution may help you manage the business processes across your entire IT team.

How can JAMS Job Scheduler help me?

Based on the challenges you are facing across your business, JAMS can help in a number of ways:

  • Management - Single interface for your team to manage, monitor and report your critical jobs and workflows across the enterprise.
  • Scalability - JAMS has resiliency built into the architecture with a primary and secondary scheduling engine to support the most rigorous enterprise uptime requirements.
  • Cross Platform Support - Windows and SQL Server support in addition to other platforms such as SAP, JD Edwards, SAS, PeopleSoft, Unix\Linux, Oracle, Banner, OpenVMS, etc.
  • Code Support - For SQL Server, JAMS supports stored procedures, T-SQL statements, SQL Server Integration Services Packages, xp_cmdshell scripts, PowerShell, etc. For the other platforms you have in your environment, the native code would be supported as well.
  • Job Chaining - Ability to setup and call jobs across numerous SQL Servers and other platforms without the need for SQL Server Linked Servers.
  • Centralized Reporting - Review current and historical data (status, performance metrics, notifications, etc.) all in one interface without having to know how to manage numerous platforms. Incidentally, this data is actually stored in a SQL Server instance.
  • Learning Curve - Minimized learning curve for the team with the need to manage jobs across numerous platforms in one interface versus having to master numerous applications and operating systems.
  • Security - Delegate security in JAMS for all of your team members without any permissions to the production line of business systems.
  • Notification - Integrate JAMS alerts and completion statuses with your existing monitoring framework i.e. SCOM, HP OpenView and Tivoli or leverage the JAMS email, texting and voice calling options.
  • Conversion - Simple job conversion from your existing platform to JAMS with a few mouse clicks.

How does JAMS Job Scheduler work?

JAMS is built on a robust centralized scheduling engine with agents for SQL Server and many other platforms. JAMS has the ability to support SQL Server Agent, Windows and many jobs across the core IT platforms. The product includes a centralized repository for historical reporting. IT includes multiple clients to access JAMS programmatically (.NET or PowerShell) as well as directly from your machine or mobile device. There is even integration for real time alerts and integration with many popular monitoring frameworks.

JAMS architecture

Why should I consider JAMS Job Scheduler over SQL Server Agent?

  • Centralization - Management, monitoring, reporting and knowledge for the entire team in a single application that manages business processes across the enterprise.
  • Consolidation - Common for JAMS customers to consolidate SQL Server Agent Jobs from as many as 20 instances into a single JAMS server.
  • No Linked Servers - Direct connection from JAMS to SQL Server without any dependencies on Linked Servers, xp_cmdshell, OPENROWSET, OPENQUERY, etc.
  • Separate Security - JAMS manages security separate from SQL Server Agent which provides a new set granularity to reduce risks.
  • Scheduling - Remarkable natural language job scheduling to support situations where processes need to run every 15th day, every other month or based on unique business needs.

What does the JAMS Job Scheduler GUI look like?

Here is JAMS in action! This screen shot gives you a sense of how to monitor multiple SQL Server Jobs in a single console as well as managing custom T-SQL code in a JAMS job step. As you can see in the JAMS GUI below, the navigation and options are intuitive and you can get a sense of some of bells and whistles to help you streamline your SQL Server Job Management.

Jams Job Scheduler GUI

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Last Updated: 2019-04-24

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