How to fix SQL Server Database Corruption with Stellar Repair for MS SQL

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Users are reporting issues accessing one of our critical production databases. I see that the database is not loading properly in the application and in SQL Server Management Studio. After reviewing the SQL Server Error Logs, we have concerns that the database is corrupt. Time is of the essence to resolve the corruption and get the SQL Server database back online. How can I guarantee my management that the SQL Server database corruption will be resolved immediately?


SQL Server database corruption can occur due to a number of different scenarios from a hardware issue, power outage, I/O issues, driver errors, etc. Database corruption results in the following errors that can be found in the SQL Server Error Log or by running DBCC CHECKDB:

  • SQL Server Errors: 823, 824 and 825
  • Data Page Level Corruption
  • Table Corruption
  • Index Corruption
  • Metadata Corruption

Options are to run DBCC CHECKDB with one of these options: REPAIR_FAST, REPAIR_REBUILD or REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS to try to fix the issue. Unfortunately, not many SQL Server Professionals are familiar with the DBCC commands so they are generally not comfortable using them for the first time in this type of high-pressure situation. The situation can get very complex quickly if corruption has spread to multiple objects and there are circular references that need to be isolated and corrected. Another option to resolve SQL Server database corruption is to restore your most recent backup resulting in a loss of data, which most organizations do not want. This can become tricky with limited storage when trying to maintain the existing database while restoring the most recent backup for particular objects or to compare data sets. Depending on the size of the database, this can be time consuming as well.

Needless to say, downtime is costly and directly impacts the business with lost productivity and sales. As SQL Server DBAs we have a number of responsibilities, one of which is to ensure the uptime of our databases. Unfortunately, practicing to resolve database corruption is tough, but as a professional, we need to be prepared with the correct tools at our disposal to fix the unexpected. One solution that I would like to introduce to resolve this issue is Stellar Repair for MS SQL. For 25 years, Stellar has been helping organizations and users with innovative products to better manage their data through recovery, erasure, conversions and repairs. For SQL Server DBAs, the Stellar Repair solution for SQL Server enables us to affordably recover a database or a subset of data when time is of the essence.

Here’s how Stellar Repair for MS SQL helps DBAs:

  • Timely repair SQL Server database corruption in MDF and NDF files
  • Selectively recover specific database objects (particular tables, triggers, views, stored procedures, etc.) and data to a database, CSV, XLS or HTML file format
  • Reduces stress trying to research and learn how to correct the database corruption
  • Intuitive wizard-based GUI to analyze and resolve corruption by updating the existing database\table or creating a new database\table
  • Resolves corruption for databases running on SQL Server 7.0 to 2019
  • Download Stellar Repair for MS SQL and analyze your database for free then purchase once you know the recovery is guaranteed
  • Cost effective solution – starting at $349 for 3 systems at a single location while higher editions can be run on multiple systems at a single location

Repair a Corrupt SQL Server Database (MDF \ NDF) using Stellar Repair for MS SQL

After downloading for free and installing Microsoft SQL Recovery Software, launch the application, then press the Select Database icon on the top left of the ribbon. This will load a screen to browse for the database as shown below.

Select Database interface in Stellar Repair for MS SQL to browse for the database to recover

Your next step is to select the SQL Server version of the MDF file as shown below. This drop-down box also includes options to upgrade the database once repaired i.e. “Created on SQL Server 2000. Converted to 2008”.

Select the version of the database to recover in Stellar Repair for MS SQL

At this point, the analysis phase begins and Stellar’s SQL database recovery software begins to analyze the database.

Stellarís SQL database recovery software begins to analyze the database

Once completed, Stellar’s software will report the status of the database repair. In this example, success!

Repair Complete in the Stellar Repair for MS SQL

At this point you can begin to preview the complete Microsoft SQL Server database and objects to validate the items. In the example below, we are browsing the tables and reviewing the data for a specific table then a particular function. We are able to see the full contents of the database as well as all of the T-SQL code for the function.

Browse the recovered data and code in the Stellar Repair for MS SQL

Once satisfied with the repaired database, Stellar Repair for MS SQL can be purchased by clicking the save button. The Stellar payment page will load to continue to purchase the product and obtain the activation code received via email. Enter the activation code in the top “Buy Now” menu option as shown below.

Enter the activation code for Stellar Repair for MS SQL

At this point, we have the ability to save the repaired database to the existing database or a new database as shown below.

Options to save the repaired database in Stellar Repair for MS SQL

This seven-step process with Stellar is simple to recover your SQL Server database and greatly reduces the pressure when time is of the essence to recover a database from corruption.

Check out this how-to product video on Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software.

Additional Features of Stellar Repair for MS SQL Software

Beyond the features outline above, Stellar software also has the ability to restore SQL Server objects from a corrupt backup with the Platinum Edition. The Stellar Toolkit for MS SQL Database Toolkit is a separate edition including all the features mentioned above in addition to resetting admin and user passwords. For an additional licensing, both editions provide more features and enable you to install the product on more servers with no yearly recurring maintenance costs.

How do I get started with Stellar Repair for MS SQL?

  1. Check out all of the Stellar Software features with this how to video and begin researching and learning about this solution.
  2. Download your free evaluation to see how the Stellar’s SQL Repair solution will help you as a SQL Server DBA.
  3. Think about the pressure to quickly recover from a corrupt SQL Server database and the impact to the overall business.
  4. Communicate with your team and management about how you think Stellar Repair for SQL Server will help your organization:
    1. Ability to validate the solution will resolve your corruption issue before purchasing
    2. Proactively address an unexpected database corruption issue
    3. Minimize downtime when a database becomes corrupted
    4. Flexibility to repair a database, build a new database, selectively recover data and objects
    5. Simple tool to address numerous types of corruption without any programming
    6. Affordable solution starting at $349 for 3 servers at a single location while higher editions can be run on multiple systems at a single location
  5. Put Stellar Repair for MS SQL through its paces in your environment, share the results with your team and determine your next steps.
Next Steps Product Editorial sponsored by Stellar Data Recovery Inc makers of Stellar Repair for MS SQL.

Last Updated: 2019-06-03

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Nice article.

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Thanks for sharing.

It's very nice tool. I had samilar issue before. What I did was to replace the file header with client's backup made 6 months ago.  This method can recover 70% of data.

I will give a try of this product!


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