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Report Builder has some settings that you should be aware of.  This topic discusses the Report Builder Options dialog.


To display the Report Builder Options dialog, open the Report Builder menu and click the Options button to display the dialog:


The following settings are available:

  • Use this report server or SharePoint site by default - you will probably need to get this URL from your IT department; for a Report Server running in native mode it is the URL of the Reporting Services web service; e.g. http://servername/reportserver; for a Report Server running in SharePoint Integrated mode it is the URL of the root site in a site collection where the Reporting Services Add-In for SharePoint is enabled; e.g. http://sharepointserver
  • Publish report parts to this folder by default - specify the default folder for publishing report parts
  • Show updates to published report parts in my reports - specify whether to show a visual indicator when a report part contained in your report has been updated
  • Show the Getting Started dialog box at startup -specify whether you want the Getting Started dialog to be displayed
  • Show this number of recent sites and servers - specify how many recent sites and connections to show in the Open Report and Report Save As dialogs
  • Show this number of recent shared datasets and data source connections - specify the number to show when you are adding a shared dataset or a shared data source to a report
  • Show this number of recent documents - specify the number of reports to show in the Recent Documents list on the Report Builder main menu
  • Clear all recent item lists - clear out the recent sites, servers, datasets, data sources, and recent documents lists

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