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Need a clear path to database health? What if you had a GPS for SQL Tuning?
Webinar Abstract
We have all come to rely on our favorite navigation tool to help us find the quickest and easiest route to our destination. Using a GPS device to map our way has even saved a few marriages. As a SQL Server professional, what if you could use similar technology to find the fastest path to database health and performance?

Join this informative webinar to learn:
  • How to find the exact location the problem
  • Use plan analysis to navigate the route your data takes
  • Why fixing the issue with SQL Optimization is always your ultimate destination
  • How Quest tools can help
Martin Wild is a systems consultant at Quest. Based at the European headquarters in the U.K., Martin is responsible for supporting the UK and EMEA sales team for the Toad portfolio, Performance Monitoring and Replication solutions. He presents at SQL Server events such as SQL Bits and SQL Saturday, and also Oracle user groups. He also provides post sales consultancy and training. He has been with Quest pre-sales since 2000. Initially working in the database design, development and deployment product areas, he has run many Toad training courses for customers. For the last few years Martin has been working on the Performance Monitoring products, helping customers understand their backend databases, locating performance bottlenecks, and demonstrating techniques to resolve them. Martin has expertise with Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and DB2, Windows, UNIX, VMware and Hyper-V. He has worked in IT for more almost 30 years, initially in manufacturing and retail organizations.
Richard Rowe is a User Experience Designer for Quest Database Tools with a focus on Spotlight products. He is based in Melbourne Australia working in the Quest Research and Development Lab. Over the last four years he has been responsible for the UX and UI design of the Spotlight products. Including working with the R&D team on the design of the Query Plan analysis and SQL Optimization functionality in the Spotlight Developer - Extension for Management Studio. Since he began working on Spotlight products he has strived to make products easy to use and understand and where possible to have a consistent user experience. One area he enjoys the most is data visualization and info-graphics where the challenge is to create designs that convey complex information in a way that is easy for the end user to understand.
Event Date and Time
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
8:00:00 PM UTC | 3:00:00 PM EST

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