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Zero Impact Data Migration – Oracle to SQL Server
Webinar Abstract
Do you have a mission to move from Oracle to SQL Server but downtime is not acceptable?

If the requirements for a migration project are:
  • Continued user access to Oracle during the migration
  • No performance impact to the production Oracle database
  • Fault tolerance – no loss of transactions should the network or servers or databases go down
Learn how SharePlex can accomplish all of this with a quick and easy install, at half the cost of Oracle replication, and visibility into the replication stream. Also, learn about other business use cases where SharePlex replicating from Oracle to SQL Server can meet your ROI, and service level agreements, including real time reporting, data consolidation and distribution, and more.
Susan Wong has been a Systems Architect supporting Business Continuity and Oracle performance management and tuning for 16 years. Susan has performed numerous consulting engagements of configurations including high availability, reporting, and migrations, and has been ensuring companies meet their Oracle database availability since Oracle 7x. Prior to Quest Software, Susan worked as a Mechanical Engineer at Fluor Daniel and subsequently managed the CAD solutions and database teams. Susan has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from UCLA.
Event Date and Time
Thursday, January 26, 2017
6:00:00 PM UTC | 1:00:00 PM EST

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