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SQL Server Lead Generation and Brand Awareness

Successful SQL Server Marketing Programs

Why should I choose MSSQLTips.com?

  • SQL Server focused web site since 2006

  • Growing site with monthly page views - 2,000,000+ and monthly users - 750,000+

  • Successful marketing programs with 1105 Media, ApexSQL, CloudBerry Lab, Computer Associates, Confio, DataNumen, Dell Software, Devart, DH2i, Fusion-IO, Idera, Izenda, JAMS Software, Melissa Data, NetLib, Red-Gate, SIOS Technology, SolarWinds, SQL Power Tools, SQL Sentry, Violin Memory and more...

  • Lead generation and brand awareness programs

  • Our leaders know the needs of the SQL Server community and have been working with SQL Server 15+ years

  • 8 years of experience with the ability to bridge the SQL Server, Community and Marketing needs

  • Advertising options starting from $5000 per quarter

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


Advertising Programs for the SQL Server Community

From an advertising perspective, MSSQLTips.com offers a dedicated daily newsletter, lead generation and awareness opportunities. The coveted exclusive daily newsletter features new published content for the day in addition to two advertisements from a single advertiser.  From a lead generation perspective we deliver informative web casts, promote white papers on your technology and we have even successfully promoted software downloads. From an awareness perspective, we have opportunities to run leaderboards, rectangles, skyscrapers, text ads, custom category sponsorship and site sponsorships.  We have been consistently trusted by key players (1105 Media, ApexSQL, CloudBerry Lab, Computer Associates, Confio, DataNumen, Dell Software, Devart, DH2i, Fusion-IO, Idera, Izenda, JAMS Software, Melissa Data, NetLib, Red-Gate, SIOS Technology, SolarWinds, SQL Power Tools, SQL Sentry, Violin Memory and more...) in the SQL Server industry to help them reach the SQL Server community. 

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


SQL Server Lead Generation Programs


  • SQL Server focused professionals
  • All levels of DBAs, Developers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Analysts, Management and more
  • Email, web site and social media promotions
  • Showcase your product
  • 100+ successful events since 2006
  • Guaranteed number of leads starting at 250 with the ability to scale
  • Complete and clean data - Name, title, mailing address, email address, phone number, company and more


  • Educational web casts aligned with your product delivered by industry experts
  • Promote your white papers

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


SQL Server Brand Awareness Programs


  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Be a trusted player in the marketplace
  • Improve product and company exposure
  • Promote downloads, free tools, events, products, white papers and more
  • Programs can scale based on your budget and needs


  • Newsletter and site sponsorship
  • Dedicated newsletters
  • Run of site ads

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


SQL Server Custom Content


  • Industry expert showcasing your product
  • Repeated promotion to the community
  • Build knowledge about your products
  • Drive traffic to your web site for more information and downloads
  • Delivered in an educational and technical format


  • Product Editorial
  • Product Spotlight
  • White Paper

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


SQL Server Audience on MSSQLTips.com

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General Statistics

Newsletter Statistics Web Site Statistics Social Media Statistics
  • Active Subscribers - 87,000+
  • Monthly Page Views - 2,000,000+
  • Monthly Users - 750,000+
  • New Visitors - 50%
  • Returning Visitors - 50%
  • Twitter Followers - 9200+
  • LinkedIn Followers - 3100+
  • Facebook Followers - 4100+
  • Google+ - 2000+

To learn more contact Jeremy Kadlec @ 410.591.4683 or sales@mssqltips.com.


What are advertisers saying about MSSQLTips.com?

I've been working with the team at MSSQLTips for over 2 years now and Red Gate has been for even longer. I love working with them. They are always happy to help, and provide excellent insight into what the community likes to see. We can have very honest conversations about our advertising and their feedback is invaluable. I hope to continue working with them for years to come.

  Joseph Gilson - Marketing Associate, Red Gate Software  

We are very pleased with the success of our programs on MSSQLTips. Their programs are excellent and the Edgewood Solutions team could not be easier to work with. They are professional, flexible, and very responsive to our requirements.

  Margaret Hoagland - Marketing Communications Director, SIOS Technology  

We are extremely pleased with the results of our ongoing campaigns at MSSQLTips.com. Our webcasts are always organized and run with the utmost professionalism. More often than not, the events greatly exceed our attendee registration and participation goals. A big thanks to the MSSQLTips.com team for the personalized attention and service.

  Amy Marion - Director of Marketing, GreenSQL  

MSSQLTips.com is one of the best performing media partners for us in terms of ROI. We have doubled our sales for our cloud backup solution for the Microsoft SQL Server platform after the first month of advertising. MSSQLTips.com is definitely the right place to be, if you want to reach SQL Server Professionals.

  Alexander Negrash - Marketing Director, CloudBerry Lab  

MSSQLTips.com provides a unique and valuable service to anyone who wants to market to MS SQL Server users. The team is very easy to work with, efficient and knowledgeable. The promotional vehicles they offer provide cost effective inquiries. If you have services or software for MS SQL Server users, you need to include MSSQLTIPS in your marketing mix.

  David Kirkdorffer - Director of Marketing, ScaleBase  

The team at MSSQLTips.com is a great media partner for Red Gate. They are one of the reasons why we keep coming back year after year to continue advertising our tools on MSSQLTips.com. They are always flexible and responsive to our needs whether it's just changing ad banners, organising webcasts or sending us ad performance reports. They are always on the mark and great to work with. Thank you!

  Sofie Westlake - Marketing Manager, Red Gate Software  

I have high praise for the great service MSSQLTips.com provides. The team is easy to work with, very responsive, and helpful.

  Brian Lockwood - CEO, ApexSQL  

I would have to say I can't remember the last time I have worked with an organization as professional as Edgewood Solutions. Once we started advertising on MSSQLTips.com we have increased our sales and brand awareness dramatically. I would also recommend the team for any SQL Server consulting needs.

  Kirby Nash - VP of Sales & Marketing, NetLib  

As a vendor it was great to be able to sponsor an MSSQLTips.com webcast. The speakers were knowledgeable and the topics chosen were really useful for attendees whilst still relevant to our solution. The planning and setup was smooth and we had great feedback and questions on our presentation. I'd recommend it!

  Alexandra Turner - Product Marketing Manager, Red Gate Software  

What is the community saying about MSSQLTips.com?

MSSQLTIPS.com is a great reference point for both troubleshooting and researching subjects.  What I like is the wide variety of topics (not just development vs. administration or new vs. old features).  Plus the quality and depth of the tips make them worthwhile to read.
  Anthony Henley, SQL Server DBA  

There are a few good SQL server resources out there. MSSQLTips, I feel is one of the best.  Most times I'm looking for something and I find it on MSSQLTips.  Even browsing through the site I find good stuff that I can use or it just interests me to give it a try.  All this plus the live free webcasts.  Glad to know MSSQLTips is here with great information on enhancing my skills and new learning.

  David Yard, SQL Server DBA  

Over the last few years I re-discovered the reason I got into databases in the first place - the puzzle. It is my reason for going to work in the morning. I find the articles on MSSQLTips.com leads me down the path to new puzzles. There are so many of the tips that introduce new areas (PowerShell, new SQL Server 2014 features, SSIS, etc.) and give me enough of a start to continue exploring myself. The content being presented in a Problem and Solution format makes the tips very useful.
  Mark Classen MSSQL Database Engineer  

I love MSSQLTips.com because the community helps me learn a lot in all the disciplines of the SQL Server and Business Intelligence platform.
  Mahfooz Elahi - SQL Server Professional  

The only 2 subscriptions I would even consider receiving are MSSQLTips and SQLServerCentral.  They are worth not only the read, but refer you to additional information that covers the subject in all its entirety.
  Mark Dufault, Database Engineer  

I like the mix of practical topics for helping better use SQL Server features I currently use and suggesting features that would be useful to utilize. The tips are generally well written and informative.

  Glenn Farley, SQL Server Professional  

I like the useful tips from MSSQLTips.com, some great ideas for developing my knowledge of SQL Server and some useful reporting ideas.
  Eleanor Quilter, SQL Server Professional  

Your MSSQL Tips Website...It's first rate. I'm a career software engineer/part-time DBA turned full-time DBA about 4 years ago. I keep ending up on your website through various web searches. The information you provide is always excellent, clear, useful, informative, with good examples. I've signed up for your newsletter. I'm looking forward to receiving it.

  Lee Crain, SQL Server DBA  

If you're thinking of learning more about SQL Server and T-SQL (SQL Server's SQL syntax), then you might be interested in MSSQLTips.com. You subscribe by email and a daily tip arrives in your inbox. I've been subscribed for a week or so now and there have been some real gems. Check it out.

  Charles Roper - Biodiversity IT Officer, Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre  

If you're looking for a good source of daily advice and technical tips, I suggest you check out MSSQLTips.com. This resource is brought to you by Edgewood Solutions, a top-notch SQL Server product and services vendor. Edgewood has a couple notable talented SQL Server experts on staff whose work I've been following for a while now - Jeremy Kadlec and Greg Robidoux. I've been subscribing for a couple weeks now and find it to be a great resource. Enjoy!

  Kevin Kline - SQL PASS Past President  

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I'm enjoying MSSQLTips – it's always informative and (rarity of rarities in electronic technical writing, unfortunately) clearly written. Very, very well done! My compliments to all involved.

  Tom Robinson - DBA, Autodesk Inc. San Francisco  

I find your SQL Tips very useful and look forward to receiving the daily email. Although not every tip is pertinent to my needs, I have learned many highly valuable, time saving techniques and I find myself using many of these techniques daily while performing maintenance task, running user reports and queries, and during project development.

  Steve Vollhardt - Senior Business Application Developer  

MSSQLTips.com is a great resource and should be an essential part of the toolbox of any SQL Server developer or DBA. I especially like the 'Next Steps' feature with each tip - it really spurs you on to go beyond the basics, try out, and expand upon the tip that you just learned. Sign up for their free daily email so you won't miss a single great tip!

  Steve Rosenbach - SQL Server Consultant  

I have been reading the Edgewood SQL Server tips for over a year by email and I learn something new each day. I just discovered the website that has all the tips categorized and feel like a kid in a candy store!

  Michael Smith - TeraTech  

I wish to thank you for my daily receipt of 'MSSQLTips'. I find your tips, a wealth of information. Keep up the great work.



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MSSQLTips.com was started in June 2006 by Edgewood Solutions. We had a new vision for helping the SQL Server community. We wanted to help save precious time for SQL Server DBAs, Developers and BI Professionals by sharing information to solve real world SQL Server problems.

Since 2006 we have consistently helped millions of SQL Server Professionals with daily tips, tutorials, web casts, white papers and more. We have published more than 2000+ tips and 100+ web casts on DBA, Development, Business Intelligence and Professional Development topics by more than 80 authors, 15 of which are SQL Server MVP's.

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