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Reporting Techniques With SQL Server Text Mining (Part II)
In the previous tip, we imported text data by individual word and count. Now we want to know a few ways to evaluate these data, whether tracking the change through time or reporting counts through word selection and filtering. How can we do so in SQL Server?
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Use Caution with SQL Server's MERGE Statement
SQL Server 2008 introduced the MERGE statement, which promised to be a simpler way to combine insert/update/delete statements, such as those used during ETL (extract, transform and load) operations. However, MERGE originally shipped with several "wrong results" and other bugs - some of which have been addressed, and some of which continue to exist even in the early preview releases of SQL Server 2014. People also tend to make some leaps of faith
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Improving SQL Server Performance by Writing Faster T-SQL Code
Stored procedures and functions are the mainstay of SQL Server coding. In this session you will learn techniques to locate problematic code and to improve the performance of procedures and functions.

Step one is to discover where the time is going using standard server traces, code that analyzes the trace, and the new SQL Server Extended Events. Once we know where the time is going we will look at strategies to improve performanc
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