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Compare SQL Server Stored Procedure Performance for Table Valued Parameters vs Multiple Variables
Introduced with the release of SQL Server 2008 was a new feature called Table-valued parameters (TVP) which allowed the programmer to pass multiple rows and columns of data to a stored procedure with a single call. This eliminates the need for many calls to the same stored procedure when we are loading large amounts of data. In this tip we will compare the performance of this feature against the old way of loading the data into individual variabl
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Using T-SQL to Perform Z-Score Column Normalization in SQL Server
In data mining, we sometimes need to perform techniques such as Z-score normalization on numeric data type columns to prevent one column from skewing or dominating the models produced by the machine learning algorithms. How can we perform this in SQL Server with T-SQL code?
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Improving SQL Server Performance by Writing Faster T-SQL Code
Stored procedures and functions are the mainstay of SQL Server coding. In this session you will learn techniques to locate problematic code and to improve the performance of procedures and functions.

Step one is to discover where the time is going using standard server traces, code that analyzes the trace, and the new SQL Server Extended Events. Once we know where the time is going we will look at strategies to improve performanc
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