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David Bermingham

Next Webcast - Achieving IT Resiliency for SQL Server in the Cloud

Join Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter MVP David Bermingham as he explains how to achieve IT resiliency for SQL Server in the Cloud.

Author: David Bermingham

Eric Blinn

What is the Best Value for Fill Factor in SQL Server

Learn about how selecting a SQL Server index fill factor can impact storage and performance. Check out the included scripts to help give you better insight.

Author: Eric Blinn

Haroon Ashraf

Azure Data Catalog Tutorial and Overview - Part 1

In this tip learn about the concepts of Azure Data Catalog and how this could be used to document your data assets.

Author: Haroon Ashraf

Aaron Bertrand

Scale SQL Server Bulk Loading with Partition Switching for Performance - Part 2

In this tip we look at other approaches you can take to improve bulk loading of data into SQL Server to reduce contention and avoiding expensive hardware changes or a moving to the Enterprise edition.

Author: Aaron Bertrand

Edwin Sarmiento

Getting Started with Containers for SQL Server - Part 1

In this tip we learn about containers that can be used to run SQL Server and how to create and setup containers in Windows.

Author: Edwin Sarmiento

Jim Evans

Delete Data from Large SQL Server Tables with Minimal Logging

Learn how to quickly delete all of the data from a SQL Server table using partition switching.

Author: Jim Evans

Ameena Lalani

How to Remove Filestream from a SQL Server Database

Learn how to remove the filestream feature from a SQL Server database. In this tip we cover an example as well as the scripts to use to remove filestream attributes from a database.

Author: Ameena Lalani

Kenneth Igiri

View Contents of SQL Server Backup Files with RESTORE LABELONLY, HEADERONLY and FILELISTONLY

In this tip we look at various restore commands (RESTORE LABELONLY, RESTORE HEADERONLY, RESTORE FILELISTONLY) that can be used to reveal the contents of SQL Server backup files to help you with restore operations.

Author: Kenneth Igiri

Koen Verbeeck

Start an Azure Logic App Workflow on Demand or by an Event

Learn different ways to start a Logic App Workflow for running tasks on Azure.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Jeffrey Yao

MSSQL-Scripter Tool and Examples to Generate Scripts for SQL Server Objects

Learn about the new tools MSSQL-Scripter and how you can use this to generate scripts from your database objects.

Author: Jeffrey Yao

Atul Gaikwad

How to use Azure Blog Storage for SQL Server Backup and Restore

In this tip we look at how to setup an Azure Storage Account and then how to write a SQL Server backup to this storage and also how to restore a database from this storage.

Author: Atul Gaikwad

Ron L'Esteve

Azure Data Lake Analytics using U-SQL Queries

This article will help with gaining confidence and familiarity with Microsoft Azure's Data Lake Analytics offering to process large datasets quickly while demonstrating the potential and capabilities of U-SQL to aggregate and process big data files.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Daniel Calbimonte

Study material for exam AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (beta)

If you are preparing for Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions take a look at these list of resources to get you prepared.

Author: Daniel Calbimonte

Tim Smith

SQL Server T-SQL Alerts for Standard and Custom Errors

In this tip we look at some approaches and queries you can use to log error messages and then use these scripts to find and send custom notifications based on the errors.

Author: Tim Smith

Scott Murray

Power BI Drill Through Example

Learn how to create drill through functionality for your Power BI reports.

Author: Scott Murray

Daniel Farina

Introduction to Bash Scripting: Pipes and Redirections

Learn about pipes and redirection when developing bash scripts when working on Linux to support SQL Server.

Author: Daniel Farina

Aaron Bertrand

Scale SQL Server Bulk Loading On a Budget - Part 1

In this tip we cover how to improve bulk loading data into SQL Server without the need to spend money on more hardware.

Author: Aaron Bertrand

John Miner

Reverse Engineer SQL Server Databases with Visual Studio

I this tip we learn how can we transform an existing SQL Server database into a Visual Studio 2017 project.

Author: John Miner

Alejandro Cobar

SQL Server Database Mirroring Status Check and Manual Failover PowerShell Scripts

In this tip we have a PowerShell script that can be used to check the status of SQL Server database mirroring as well as generate the code need for a failover of the databases.

Author: Alejandro Cobar

John Miner

Continuous SQL Server Database Integration with Visual Studio and Azure DevOps

In this tip we learn about how we can do continuous SQL Server Database integration using Visual Studio and Azure DevOps.

Author: John Miner

Fikrat Azizov

Azure Data Factory Overview

In this tip we get an overview of Azure Data Factory which is similar to SSIS, but used in Azure for data movement and transformations.

Author: Fikrat Azizov

Koen Verbeeck

Transfer Files from SharePoint To Blob Storage with Azure Logic Apps

In this tip we will use Azure Logic Apps to fetch files from SharePoint, dump them into Azure Blob Storage and then copy the data into the database using the Copy Activity in ADF.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Rick Dobson

Contingency Table Analysis via Chi Square using T-SQL: Part 1

This tip compares SQL and R for performing multiple steps in a data science project from accessing a dataset, to performing exploratory data analysis, to computing a contingency table, to computing a Chi Square statistic.

Author: Rick Dobson

Cate Murray

Is Your Interview Process Turning Off Top Candidates?

Learn the top reasons why candidates are put off during the interview process, as well as some tips to mitigate this happening to you and your organization.

Author: Cate Murray

Rajendra Gupta

Installation of SQL Server 2017 on Oracle VM VirtualBox for Red Hat - Part 2

In the first part of this tip we created a new virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox with Red Hat Linux installed. In this tip we will install SQL Server 2017 and SQL Server Agent.

Author: Rajendra Gupta

Siddharth Mehta

Visualize categorical scatterplots in Power BI with Python

In this tip, we will go through a series of steps to create a swarmplot and populate it with data using Python code with Power BI.

Author: Siddharth Mehta

Rajendra Gupta

How to install SQL Server on RHEL for Oracle VirtualBox - Part 1

In this tip we look at how to setup a virtual machine using Oracle VirtualBox and install Red Hat Linux to prepare a machine for the next tip where we will install SQL Server 2017 on Linux.

Author: Rajendra Gupta

Daniel Farina

Create a Process Dump of SQL Server using SqlDumper.exe Tool

Learn how to create a process dump for SQL Server using the SqlDumper.exe tool for SQL Server troubleshooting.

Author: Daniel Farina

Derek Colley

Run Python Scripts in SQL Server Agent

In this we look at how you can run Python scripts using SQL Server Agent jobs.

Author: Derek Colley

Akhil Mahajan

Securely Manage Secrets in Azure Databricks Using Databricks-Backed

In this tip we will learn about creating Databricks-backed secret scopes.

Author: Akhil Mahajan

Svetlana Golovko

Script to get CPU and Cores for SQL Server Licensing

Learn how to quickly gather information about each SQL Server's processor cores via PowerShell.

Author: Svetlana Golovko

Aaron Bertrand

Make SQL Server DMV Queries Backward Compatible

Learn how to write T-SQL code to make DMV queries backwards compatible. This way you can have one set of code that can work with all of your different versions of SQL Server that you support.

Author: Aaron Bertrand

Erica Woods

10 Sections to Include in Your Resume

Learn about the different sections your resume should include so you get noticed for that next great job.

Author: Erica Woods

Nisarg Upadhyay

PowerShell Module to Read Directory Contents and Store in a SQL Server Table

In this tip we will walk through how to create a PowerShell module to get a list of files and subfolders of a Windows folder and store this information in a SQL Server table.

Author: Nisarg Upadhyay

Tim Smith

Validate Dynamic SQL to Prevent SQL Injection in SQL Server

Learn some tips on how to validate that the values passed into a process that builds dynamic SQL are valid prior to running the dynamic code.

Author: Tim Smith

Gauri Mahajan

Processing external data with SQL Server 2017 and R

Learn how to query external data sources using SQL Server 2017 and the R language.

Author: Gauri Mahajan

John Martin

Install DBATools with Azure VM Custom Script Extension - Azure Blob Storage

In this tip we look at how to install DBATools PowerShell scripts for Azure Blob Storage.

Author: John Martin

Siddharth Mehta

Generate visualizations in Power BI using Python Scripts

In this tip we will go through the steps to create a visualizations in Power BI using Python scripts.

Author: Siddharth Mehta

Ron L'Esteve

Write Federated U-SQL Queries to Join Azure Data Lake Store Files to Azure SQL DB

In this article I will create a solution which will join files that reside in Azure Data Lake Store Azure with Azure SQL DB Data using federated U-SQL queries in Azure Data Lake analytics.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Artemakis Artemiou

Learn how to build a multithreading .NET Application to work with SQL Server

Learn about the need for multithreading in .NET applications, especially for data applications and GUI environments. It is with multithreading that we avoid screen freezes when time-consuming processes are running in the background

Author: Artemakis Artemiou

Dinesh Asanka

Infrastructure Planning for a SQL Server Data Warehouse

In this tip we look at some things you should think about when planning for a SQL Server data warehouse.

Author: Dinesh Asanka

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