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Joseph D'Antoni and Tim Fritz

Monitoring and Improving SQL Server Performance in the Cloud

In this webinar, you will learn about the different SQL Server cloud platform offerings, the monitoring tools you have available in the cloud, and how you can save money by tuning your databases.

Author: Joseph D'Antoni and Tim Fritz

Koen Verbeeck

How To Become a Successful BI Developer

In this article we cover technical skills and soft skills that are typically found in successful BI developers.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Daniel Calbimonte

Simple way to create a SQL Server Job Using T-SQL

In this article we look at how to create a SQL Agent scheduled job for SQL Server using just T-SQL commands as well as cover several options for scheduled jobs.

Author: Daniel Calbimonte

Maria Zakourdaev

Cosmos DB Data Migration Between Containers using Databricks and PySpark

In this article learn how to use PySpark scripts in Azure Databricks service to copy data between Cosmos DB containers.

Author: Maria Zakourdaev

Nai Biao Zhou

Using Multiple Linear Regression for Estimation and Prediction with SQL Server and R

Deep dive into multiple linear regression for estimation and prediction using real estate data and SQL Server and R for data analysis.

Author: Nai Biao Zhou

Manvendra Singh

How to Register a Virtual Machine to RedHat Subscription Management

In this article we configure Red Hat Subscription Management on a VMware virtual machine so we can install SQL Server 2019 for Linux.

Author: Manvendra Singh


Debunking the Myths: Cloud HA and DR common misconceptions

While the benefits of the cloud may be clear for applications that can tolerate brief periods of downtime, it is not as clear for business critical applications, such as SQL Server that require high availability and disaster recovery protection.

Author: SIOS

Greg Robidoux

Enabling xp_cmdshell in SQL Server

In this tip we look at how to enable xp_cmdshell for SQL Server and some of the errors you may encounter when using xp_cmdshell as well as how to disable xp_cmdshell.

Author: Greg Robidoux

Daniel Calbimonte

Format SQL Server Dates with FORMAT Function

In this tip we look at how to use the FORMAT function to format dates, time and numbers in SQL Server along with several examples.

Author: Daniel Calbimonte

Jeremy Kadlec

Quickly Pinpoint SQL Server Performance Issues with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

My team needs to quickly pinpoint the performance issues in my SQL Server environment. With all of the demands at work, our team needs to find and understand the issues, then review the code and take corrective actions. We need to ensure our production SQL Server environment is running smoothly, because when it is not, the entire company feels it.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Rick Dobson

Get Started with SQL Server xp_cmdshell

In this tip we look at an overview of SQL Server xp_cmdshell to help a SQL Server professional to know when, why, and how to invoke the xp_cmdshell extended stored procedure in SQL Server solutions. We will also look at some errors related to using xp_cmdshell.

Author: Rick Dobson

Hristo Hristov

Using Power BI Visualizations in Power Apps

In this article we will look at how to display Power BI reports and dashboards in Power Apps.

Author: Hristo Hristov

Joe Gavin

SQL Server Network Related Performance Monitor Counters

In this article we cover which performance monitor counters to use to baseline and troubleshoot SQL Server network issues that may be causing performance issues.

Author: Joe Gavin

Jeremy Kadlec

Find, Analyze and Optimize SQL Server Performance with SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Learn about the Query Tuning and Table Tuning Advisors in SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer to find, analyze and optimize SQL Server performance.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Jeremy Kadlec

Powerful SQL Server Data Cleansing and Processing

Learn how Data Stewards can leverage Unison from Melissa Data to solve data quality issues such as duplicate records and enrich contact data for better decision making.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Jeremy Kadlec

Improve the Data Quality for Healthcare, Clinical and Life Sciences Projects with Melissa Informatics

All companies fundamentally have the need to improve data quality for decision making. For healthcare, clinical and life sciences organizations, merging, reconciling and enhancing data is challenging for electronic medical records, clinical trials and pharmaceutical applications. How can the technology teams at healthcare and life sciences organizations adopt a framework to improve the data quality for complex data sets for the medical professionals they support?

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Jeremy Kadlec

Email Validation Simplified with Web API and SSIS

Email based validation is more than just a simple RFC check, this is where Melissa's Global Email Verification with a web-based API and SSIS delivers valuable data to SQL Server Professionals.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Andrea Gnemmi

SQL String functions in SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL

In this article we look at how to use string functions to concatenate, replace, trim and get substrings in SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL.

Author: Andrea Gnemmi

Ron L'Esteve

Understanding the Azure MLOps Framework

Learn about the Azure MLOps Framework by gaining a understanding of its architecture, personas involved, various use cases for each environment, and key features of the framework.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Mohammed Moinudheen

Migrate Azure SQL DB from DTU to vCore Based Purchasing Model

Learn about the Azure SQL DB purchasing model and how to change from DTU to vCore or vice versa.

Author: Mohammed Moinudheen

Fikrat Azizov

Building Scalable Lakehouse Solutions using Azure Synapse Analytics

In this series I will discuss common challenges of implementing Data Lakes, explain the lakehouse concept and build scalable lakehouse solutions capable of handling large data volumes.

Author: Fikrat Azizov

Manvendra Singh

Create VMware Virtual Machine for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

In this article we look at how to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on a new VMware virtual machine.

Author: Manvendra Singh


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