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Anat Dror and Tim Fritz

Moving SQL Server workload to the cloud

Attend this session to learn how managing performance is even more critical with Azure SQL DB and Azure Managed Instance. Learn what key performance indicators are most important, what auto-tuning really means and get some tools to help you identify perfo

Author: Anat Dror and Tim Fritz

Greg Robidoux

Automatic cleanup of SQL Server Agent scheduled jobs

Learn how to automatically delete SQL Server Agent jobs after execution depending on whether the job succeeds, fails or completes.

Author: Greg Robidoux

Erica Woods

12 Virtual Team Building Activities

In this article learn about 12 virtual team building activities and icebreakers to help strengthen your team even when you are not all in the same place.

Author: Erica Woods

Maria Zakourdaev

Measuring Team Performance: Calculate LeadTime metric using JIRA and GitHub data

In this article we look at how to measure lead time for development projects using Python along with GitHub and JIRA.

Author: Maria Zakourdaev

Joe Gavin

SQL Drop Column Examples

In this article we look at how to drop one or more columns from a SQL Server table using the SSMS GUI and also using T-SQL code.

Author: Joe Gavin

Eli Leiba

SQL Server Memory Usage Query

Check out this SQL Server function that can return memory usage information for a SQL Server instance such as the amount of memory SQL Server is using and available memory on the machine.

Author: Eli Leiba

Ron L'Esteve

Getting Started with MLflow in Azure Databricks

In this article we cover how to get started with MLflow using Azure Databricks which manages the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Cate Murray

11 Topics for Effective Employee 1on1 Meetings

This article covers 11 topic ideas you can use to get conversations going with employees when having 1 on 1 meetings.

Author: Cate Murray


Debunking the Myths: Cloud HA and DR common misconceptions

While the benefits of the cloud may be clear for applications that can tolerate brief periods of downtime, it is not as clear for business critical applications, such as SQL Server that require high availability and disaster recovery protection.

Author: SIOS

Haroon Ashraf

Learn basics of Data Wrangling in SQL by Imputing Missing Values using Drop Attribute and Mean Methods

In this article we continue our series on data wrangling and different ways to derive values for missing data points in a dataset.

Author: Haroon Ashraf

Manvendra Singh

List SQL Server Login and User Permissions with fn_my_permissions

In this article we look at how to list SQL Server permissions for a login or a user using the system function fn_my_permissions.

Author: Manvendra Singh

Greg Robidoux

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server provides robust SQL Server monitoring functionality that covers the performance of the entire SQL Server environment and provides the most comprehensive diagnostics on the market.

Author: Greg Robidoux

Alejandro Cobar

PowerShell Commands for SQL Server Best Practices

Download the PowerShell script to check your SQL Server instances for best practices settings and modify or update the script to meet your needs.

Author: Alejandro Cobar

Koen Verbeeck

SQL Server SELECT Examples

This tip will teach you how you can use SELECT to read, aggregate and sort data from one or more tables.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Jim Evans

How to Get Current Date in SQL Server

In this article we will explore the different options for getting the current date from SQL Server and understand when to use one option over the other.

Author: Jim Evans

Mohammed Moinudheen

Recover Deleted TDE Key for Azure SQL Database

In this article we look at the steps to recover a deleted TDE key that is being used by Azure SQL Database for database encryption.

Author: Mohammed Moinudheen

Fikrat Azizov

Analyze real-time data streams with Azure Synapse Analytics and Cosmos DB

In this tip we show how real-time data from Azure Cosmos DB can be analyzed, using the Azure Cosmos DB links and the Spark Structured Streaming functionality in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Author: Fikrat Azizov

Scott Murray

Getting Started with SSRS

In this article we look at various aspects of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and plenty of resources to get you started as well as build upon your existing knowledge.

Author: Scott Murray

Hristo Hristov

Getting Started with Microsoft Power Apps

This article helps you get started with Microsoft's low-code platform Power Apps. If you are completely new to Power Apps, this is a great way to get started.

Author: Hristo Hristov

Kenneth A. Omorodion

Power BI for Business Intelligence

Power BI is becoming widely used for reporting and data analysis. There are many different versions of Power BI and the features that are offered and this article provides an overview of what is available.

Author: Kenneth A. Omorodion

Sergey Gigoyan

Five Facts about the SQL Server Resource Database

In this article we cover interesting facts about the hidden resource database in SQL Server and how this is used by SQL Server.

Author: Sergey Gigoyan

Rick Dobson

Create, Populate, and Transform Geographic Coordinates in SQL Server Tables

In this article we look at how to store geographic coordinates in a SQL Server database table and how to use this type of data in your database applications.

Author: Rick Dobson


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