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Andy Warren

Next Webcast - SQL Server Constraints for Integrity and Performance

The goal of this presentation is to get you thinking about the use of SQL Server constraints, starting with the basics of making sure the data in a single table is reasonably constrained. We'll start with data types, column lengths, and nullability...

Author: Andy Warren


MSSQLTips.com Privacy Policy Updates

The MSSQLTips.com Privacy Policy has been updated.

Author: MSSQLTips.com

Jeremy Kadlec

SQL Server Cursor Example

In my T-SQL code I always use set based operations. I have been told these types of operations are what SQL Server is designed to process and it should be quicker than serial processing. I know cursors exist but I am not sure how to use them. Can you p

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Nat Sundar

Beginners Guide to Python for SQL Server Professionals

In this tip we cover some basics on how to get started with Python.

Author: Nat Sundar

Edgewood Solutions

Date and Time Conversions Using SQL Server

There are many instances when dates and times don't show up at your doorstep in the format you'd like it to be, nor does the output of a query fit the needs of the people viewing it. One option is to format the data in the application itself. Another opti

Author: Edgewood Solutions

Manvendra Singh

How to Change SQL Server Instance Name Running on a Linux Server

In this tip we look at how to rename a SQL Server instance running on Linux.

Author: Manvendra Singh

Siddharth Mehta

Load data from PDF file into SQL Server 2017 with R

In this tip we look at how we can use SQL Server 2017 with R to read the contents of a PDF file and load into a SQL Server table.

Author: Siddharth Mehta

Tim Smith

SQL Server Regex Tutorial

We can use regular expressions (sometimes called Regex) with T-SQL to tackle some common problems with data using this tool. In this tutorial, we will practice using regular expressions for filtering precise phrases involving alphabetic, numeric and speci

Author: Tim Smith

Nat Sundar

Beginners Guide to Python for SQL Server Professionals

In this tip we cover some basics on how to get started with Python.

Author: Nat Sundar

Rick Dobson

Using T-SQL to Quantify Trend Direction and Strength

In this tip we look at how to use multiple sets of moving averages to predict direction and strength of stock prices.

Author: Rick Dobson


Whitepaper - SQL Server DBA Trends and Challenges

To gain insight into the evolving challenges for DBAs, a study was performed to survey DBAs and those responsible for the management of the corporate data management infrastructure. The more than 200 respondents came from a wide range of industries...

Author: Quest

Graham Okely

Build and Automate a SQL Server Status Report on Server Restart or Scheduled

In this tip we build a process that can perform several SQL Server checks at startup or on a scheduled basis.

Author: Graham Okely

Douglas P. Castilho

Changing SQL Server Collation After Installation

In some scenarios we can find different SQL Server collations between the server instance and its databases. Sometimes the collation is fixed in some table columns or inside stored procedures to solve some of relationship problems with columns that have

Author: Douglas P. Castilho

Dallas Snider

Quick Guide to Upgrading to SQL Server 2014

What are the steps involved in a simple upgrade to SQL Server 2014? I am currently running an older version of SQL Server and want to do an in place upgrade. In this tip we do a walk through of the installation process.

Author: Dallas Snider

Saurabh Desai

Market Basket Analysis in R and Power BI

In this tip we look at how to use Power BI to help us find items that are closely correlated for things like products that are purchased together.

Author: Saurabh Desai

Haroon Ashraf

SQL Server Reference Data Best Practices - Part 1

Reference data can be added to the database by multiple developers and testers, thereby causing inconsistencies. In this tip we will look at how this can be solved.

Author: Haroon Ashraf

Koen Verbeeck

How to use the TREATAS function in DAX

One of the relatively new functions for Analysis Services Tabular, Power Pivot and Power BI is TREATAS. In this tip, we’ll introduce you to the syntax and concepts of the function and show some uses cases where this function can be useful.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Jeffrey Yao

SQL Server HotFix History Analysis

In this tip we look at how frequently fixes are released for SQL Server.

Author: Jeffrey Yao

Tim Smith

Zip and Copy SQL Server Backup Files with PowerShell

In this tip we look at how we can backup and zip up SQL Server backup files using PowerShell.

Author: Tim Smith

Sadequl Hussain

How to Save Costs on Non-Production SQL Server RDS Instances

In this tip we look at how you can configure your AWS Relational Database Services (RDS) to reduce costs.

Author: Sadequl Hussain

Joe Gavin

Automating a SQL Server Database Refresh

In this tip we cover the basics of what needs to be done to setup a process to automate refreshing a dev or test environment with a recent database backup.

Author: Joe Gavin

K. Brian Kelley

Return SQL Server Connections Information Using sys.dm_exec_connections

In this tip we look at we can use SQL Server DMV sys.dm_exec_connections to see what current connections are doing for troubleshooting and monitoring.

Author: K. Brian Kelley

Nisarg Upadhyay

Stored procedure to import files into a SQL Server FILESTREAM enabled table

In this tip we look at a process and stored procedure to help populate our SQL Server database with filestream data.

Author: Nisarg Upadhyay

Cate Murray

6 Performance Trends to Help You Move from a Good to Great Performer!

In this tip we look at six tips you can use to help land a better job.

Author: Cate Murray

Daniel Farina

Update SQL Server Applications on Ubuntu Linux with Apt

In this tip we take a look at how to update SQL Server applications when using Ubuntu Linux using the Apt utility.

Author: Daniel Farina


Secrets to Fast, Easy High Availability for SQL Server in Amazon Web Services

Moving SQL Server from an on-premises data center to a public cloud such as AWS can enable your business to be more agile and more responsive to changing market requirements and customer needs.

Author: SIOS

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