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Joey D'Antoni

Webinar - Disaster Recovery Planning for Critical Applications in AWS

This webinar will discuss important considerations for your disaster recovery planning in the cloud, DR options in AWS, and how to select the best DR strategy for your environment while balancing business requirements, technical requirements, and cost.

Author: Joey D'Antoni

Alejandro Cobar

Monitoring SQL Server Buffer Pool Usage by Database with PowerShell

In this article we continue our PowerShell monitoring series and collect buffer pool information for all monitored instances.

Author: Alejandro Cobar

Joe Gavin

SQL Server Data Types Quick Reference Guide

This article is overview of the different data types available in SQL Server that can used as a quick reference guide.

Author: Joe Gavin

Simon Liew

SQL Server Perfmon Counters - Target vs Total Memory and Max Memory

In this article we explore performance counters and memory settings related to SQL Server to provide a better understanding of how SQL Server uses memory.

Author: Simon Liew

Cate Murray

Leveraging SWOT Analysis throughout Your Career

In this article we look at how to create a list of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to help guide your through your career.

Author: Cate Murray


Secrets to Fast, Easy High Availability for SQL Server in Amazon Web Services

Moving SQL Server from an on-premises data center to a public cloud such as AWS can enable your business to be more agile and more responsive to changing market requirements and customer needs.

Author: SIOS

Matteo Lorini

R Functions and Operators in SQL Server

In this article we look at different examples using R language functions such as match, complete cases, etc. and operators including math, logical, set, etc.

Author: Matteo Lorini

Scott Murray

Deploy Reports from Development to Test to Production using the Power BI Deployment Pipelines

In this article we look at how to deploy dashboards and reports from development to test to production using the Power BI Deployment Pipeline.

Author: Scott Murray

Koen Verbeeck

Snowflake Tutorial

In this tutorial we will go over the basics of Snowflake, introducing the product and features which makes it stand out against its competitors. We look at how to load and query data as well as how to use Power BI to create reports using the Snowflake...

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Kenneth A. Omorodion

Setting up Azure Log Analytics to Monitor Performance of an Azure Resource

Learn how to setup Azure Log Analytics to collect information about different Azure resources for monitoring performance related issues.

Author: Kenneth A. Omorodion

Garry Bargsley

Visual Studio 2019 Configuration for the Production DBA

In this article we cover how to install and configure Visual Studio to be used to manage components for SSIS, SSRS and SSAS.

Author: Garry Bargsley

Mohammed Moinudheen

Restore TDE Enabled Azure SQL DB to On-Premises Server

Learn how to take an TDE enabled database and restore it to another server or an Azure SQL database without using the encryption keys.

Author: Mohammed Moinudheen

Jeremy Kadlec

Melissa Data Quality Solutions for SSIS

For organizations relying on the SQL Server, Melissa's solutions directly integrate with SSIS, so the learning curve is minimal. You can drag and drop Melissa components in SSIS to validate, cleanse, append and enhance data.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Eric Blinn

SQL Server MSDB Database Tutorial

In this tutorial we will cover common questions related to the SQL Server msdb database. This is one of the standard system databases that are part of every SQL Server installation. This tutorial will give you a better idea of what the msdb database...

Author: Eric Blinn

Jeremy Kadlec

Optimize SQL Server estate monitoring with Redgate's SQL Monitor

How can we balance our need to monitor SQL Server performance and operational processes across hundreds of SQL Servers, but also save time by focusing on the highest priority issues?

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Fikrat Azizov

Explore Your Data Lake Data Easily with Azure Synapse Analytics

In this article we look at how to load data from Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 and chart the data using Azure Synapse Analytics.

Author: Fikrat Azizov

Aaron Bertrand

SQL Server Date Video Tutorial

In this video tutorial we will look at the different data types that SQL Server offers for storing date and times in a database table. We will compare the differences for the data types as well as do a storage test to determine the difference...

Author: Aaron Bertrand

Nai Biao Zhou

Recursive Programming Techniques using Python

In this article we discuss recursive programming techniques using Python.

Author: Nai Biao Zhou

Jeffrey Yao

Create a Self-Service Framework for SQL Server DBA Tasks

In this article we look at how to create a self-service framework to deploy database changes to non-production environments with minimal effort from the DBA.

Author: Jeffrey Yao

Jeremy Kadlec

SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer for SQL Server

With the time constraints SQL Server DBAs face to resolve performance issues, they need a tool to support business critical applications. SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) is an end to end tool to collect data and recommend corrections.

Author: Jeremy Kadlec

Rick Dobson

Weather Data Warehouse in SQL Server - Create and Populate

In this article we look at how to build a SQL Server data warehouse structure to store historical weather data.

Author: Rick Dobson

Sergey Gigoyan

Capture Executions of Stored Procedures in SQL Server

In this article we look at how to setup an Extended Events session in SQL Server using SSMS to capture stored procedure executions.

Author: Sergey Gigoyan

Koen Verbeeck

Execute SSIS Package in Azure with DTEXEC Utility

In this article we look at how you can execute an Integration Services project deployed to Azure Data Factory from an on-premises machine with Azure enabled DTEXEC.

Author: Koen Verbeeck

Ron L'Esteve

Azure DevOps CI CD using GitHub Repo and Visual Studio Azure SQL Database Project

In this article we demonstrate an end-to-end solution to deploy a database from Visual Studio to Azure SQL Database through GitHub and then deploy by an Azure DevOps Build and Release Azure pipeline.

Author: Ron L'Esteve

Edwin Sarmiento

Configure Log Shipping for SQL Server on Linux

In this article we walk through the steps on how to implement SQL Server log shipping for SQL Server running on Linux systems.

Author: Edwin Sarmiento

Alejandro Cobar

SQL Server High CPU Query Use Monitoring with PowerShell

In this part of the PowerShell monitoring tips we look at how to capture the top queries that are consuming the most CPU from all monitored instances.

Author: Alejandro Cobar

Mircea Dragan

Using SQL Server ROLL UP to Get Similar Results of COMPUTE BY

In this article we take a look at how to get similar result sets when using ROLLUP versus COMPUTE BY in SQL Server queries.

Author: Mircea Dragan

Scott Murray

SQL Server Reporting Services Reusable Code Blocks

In this article we look at SSRS code you can use in all of your reports to handle divide by zero issues, setting color schemes, using special characters, automatic exports and more.

Author: Scott Murray


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