About MSSQLTips

MSSQLTips.com was started in 2006 by Edgewood Solutions, SQL Server industry experts that saw the need for a different approach to learning about SQL Server.  There is plenty of content on the web, but finding content or learning something new about SQL Server often takes a lot of time, so we decided to try a different approach.  Instead of you looking for the content we are going to bring it directly to you.

Our mission is to help educate and solve real world problems for the global SQL Server community every second of the day.  We are able to do so in a variety of ways:

We are very proud of the MSSQLTips.com authors and the value they provide to the global SQL Server community every second of the day.  Our team has experience with SQL Server 6.5 thru SQL Server 2019 and often come upon new solutions every day to real world problems that sometimes take several hours to find the answer.  We have grown to more than 225 expert authors on the SQL Server relational engine, BI stack, .NET, PowerShell, Azure, AWS and more.  If you think you have the "right stuff" to help the SQL Server community, let us know.

In terms of accomplishments, we have delivered value to the global SQL Server community in these ways:

  • Helped more than 10 million SQL Server Professionals
  • Free content since 2006
  • More than 5500 tips
  • More than 600 webinars
  • Numerous opinions and viewpoints from 225+ authors

If you have any questions that you would like featured in a tip, send them to [email protected].

Thank you,
The MSSQLTips.com Team