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SQL Server Business Intelligence Tips and Tricks

Latest SQL Server Tips

Search for Multiple File Extensions with the SSIS Foreach File Enumerator

In this tip I cover a workaround to search for multiple file extensions when using the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Foreach File Enumerator.

How to import data for SSAS Tabular vNext

In this tip we cover how to import data for SSAS Tabular solutions using the new get data wizard.

Resolving the Maximum Request Length Exceeded Exception in SQL Server Reporting Services

When deploying a report in SQL Server Reporting Services, I am receiving an exception error stating "Maximum request length exceeded". Read this tip to learn how to resolve this issue.

Add SQL Server Analysis Services Role Members via PowerShell or XMLA

Learn how to add a user (member) to a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Database role via PowerShell or XMLA scripts.

SQL Server Tutorials

SQL Server Backup Tutorial

One of your last lines of defense for just about any system is to have a backup in place in case there is a need to recover some or all of your data. This is also true for SQL Server. In this tutorial we will discuss selecting the correct recovery models, what backup options are available, and how to create backups using T-SQL commands and SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Server Restore Tutorial

What good is a backup if you do not know to restore the backup. In this tutorial we will look at what restore options are available and which options are only accessible using T-SQL commands.


The INFORMATION_SCHEMA views allow you to retrieve metadata about the objects within a database. These views can be found in the master database under Views / System Views and be called from any database in your SQL Server instance. In this tutorial we look at some of these INFORMATION_SCHEMA views and how they can be used.

SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tutorial

In this tutorial we will cover some of the common issues with performance such as: deadlocks, blocking, missing and unused indexes, I/O bottlenecks, poor query plans, statistics, wait stats and fragmentation.

SQL Server Webcasts

Executing, Configuring and Scheduling SQL Server 2016 Integration Services Packages

Join us in this webinar to learn more about SSIS deployment strategies. This includes parameter configurations to deploy your package seamlessly to multiple environments. We'll also take a look at how to schedule a package, where we can find performance information and how the SSIS catalog supports us during our troubleshooting.

Improve Your SQL Server Auditing with SQL Compliance Manager

Compliance is top of mind for many DBAs, and with SQL Compliance Manager you will be able to comply with regulatory standards. Determine where sensitive data resides, and selectively choose what needs to be audited.

Improving Data Consistency with Models with ER/Studio

In this webcast we will demonstrate several methods for making your data more consistent with data models, including naming standards, data dictionaries, and more.

SQL Server Data Modeling Best Practices

The database schema is like a solid foundation for a house, if you want an application that will scale, perform well and be able to support the application growth, then you need to have a strong database design. By the end of this session, you will have a solid understanding on how you can design a data model that will take advantage of your infrastructure and leverage the new SQL Server features.

Learn more about SQL Server tools