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SubCategory Tip Title Author
All Tips Creating backups and copies of your SQL Azure databases Arshad Ali
All Tips Getting started with SQL Data Sync Arshad Ali
All Tips Getting Started with the SQL Azure Database Manager Arshad Ali
All Tips How to connect to SQL Azure using SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 Siddharth Mehta
All Tips Move an On-Premises SQL Server Database to the SQL Azure Cloud Brady Upton
All Tips Moving your database to the cloud with SQL Azure Arshad Ali
All Tips Read and write data from SQL Azure using SQL Server Integration Services 2008 R2 Siddharth Mehta
All Tips SQL Azure enhancements with SQL Server 2008 R2 Arshad Ali
All Tips SQL Azure Migration Wizard Andy Novick
All Tips Understanding SQL Data Sync for SQL Server Arshad Ali
All Tips Using the Deploy Database to SQL Azure Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio to move to the Cloud Brady Upton
Administration Access SQL Server instance on Azure VM using local copy of Management Studio Mohammed Moinudheen
Administration Azure Resource Management Templates to Simplify Cloud Entities Levi Masonde
Administration How to use SQL Database Query Editor in Azure Portal Esat Erkec
Administration Introduction to Azure PowerShell Modules for the SQL Server DBA Part 1 Edwin Sarmiento
Administration Introduction to Azure PowerShell Modules for the SQL Server DBA Part 3 Edwin Sarmiento
Administration Locking Resources in Azure with Read Only or Delete Locks Mohammed Moinudheen
Administration Redeploy Azure Windows VM Mohammed Moinudheen
Administration Simplify Your Azure Bill by Resource Group Mohammed Moinudheen
Administration Troubleshoot SQL Azure Bacpac Import Failures Tim Smith
Administration Using the Microsoft Azure Mobile app for remote administration Mohammed Moinudheen
Analysis Services Automate Azure Analysis Services Model Refresh using Logic App - Part 2 Fikrat Azizov
Analysis Services Automate Azure Analysis Services Model Refreshes with Small, Medium and Large Tables using Logic App - Part 3 Fikrat Azizov
Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services: Revolutionary Solution for Advanced Data Analysis Amira Bedhiafi
Analysis Services Overview of Azure Analysis Services and Logic App Tasks - Part 1 Fikrat Azizov
Analysis Services Terminate Long Running Azure Analysis Services Refresh Using Logic App - Part 4 Fikrat Azizov
Automation Auto Scale Azure SQL DB using Azure Logic Apps Mohammed Moinudheen
Automation Auto Scaling Azure SQL DB using Automation runbooks Mohammed Moinudheen
Automation Azure Automation and PowerShell Runbooks John Miner
Automation Azure Logic App to Extract and Save Email Attachments Joe Gavin
Automation Execute Databricks Jobs via REST API in Postman Ryan Kennedy
Azure Cognitive Search An Overview of Azure Cognitive Search Service Rajendra Gupta
Azure Container Instances Connect to and Monitor SQL Server Azure Container Instances ACI Carlos Robles
Azure Container Instances Create Azure Container Instances for SQL Server Carlos Robles
Azure Container Instances Start, Stop, Delete and Monitor Azure Container Instances for SQL Server Carlos Robles
Azure Data Catalog Azure Data Catalog Register Data Source - Part 2 Haroon Ashraf
Azure Data Catalog Azure Data Catalog Register Data Source Through Application - Part 3 Haroon Ashraf
Azure Data Catalog Azure Data Catalog Register Tabular Data Model and Enriching Data Assets - Part 4 Haroon Ashraf
Azure Data Catalog Azure Data Catalog Tutorial and Overview - Part 1 Haroon Ashraf
Azure Data Lake Storage Data Lake Medallion Architecture Overview Semjon Terehhov
Azure Data Lake Storage Designing an Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 Ron L'Esteve
Azure Machine Learning Introduction to Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Ben Richardson
Comparison Azure Analysis Services vs. Azure Synapse Analytics: What are the main differences? Amira Bedhiafi
Configuration Choosing Between Azure General Purpose or Business Critical Tiers Maria Zakourdaev
Configuration Introduction to Azure PowerShell Modules for the SQL Server DBA Part 2 Edwin Sarmiento
Configuration Migrate Azure SQL DB from DTU to vCore Based Purchasing Model Mohammed Moinudheen
Configuration SQL Azure Create Database Tutorial Vitor Montalvao
Configuration Unable to delete Azure Recovery Services Vault Mohammed Moinudheen
Configuration What's in a DTU? Choosing the right resource model and service tier for Azure DB Derek Colley
Connectivity Different Ways to Connect to SQL Azure databases Vitor Montalvao
Connectivity How To Connect Remotely to SQL Server on an Azure Virtual Machine Vitor Montalvao
Conversions Transfer Files from SharePoint To Blob Storage with Azure Logic Apps Koen Verbeeck
Cross Database Azure SQL Cross Database Query Joe Gavin
Data Azure Data Lake Analytics using U-SQL Queries Ron L'Esteve
Data Azure Event Hub Service Telemetry Example with PowerShell John Miner
Data Create Azure Data Lake Database, Schema, Table, View, Function and Stored Procedure Ron L'Esteve
Data Deep Dive in Azure Databricks Cluster Creation Options Ryan Kennedy
Data Deploying Azure SQL Data Warehouse Using Resource Manager John Miner
Data Exploring Azure Table Storage with PowerShell John Miner
Data Getting Started with Azure Purview for Data Governance Ron L'Esteve
Data How to Apply Pivot Transformations to Spark Streams Fikrat Azizov
Data How to Capture IoT Data in Azure Eduardo Pivaral
Data How to get key phrases from Azure SQL using Artificial Intelligence Daniel Calbimonte
Data How to setup and use a SQL Server Stretch Database Douglas Correa
Data Ingestion and Processing Layers in Azure Data Lakehouse Ron L'Esteve
Data Managing Azure Data Lake Storage with PowerShell John Miner
Data Real-Time Anomaly Detection Using Azure Stream Analytics Ron L'Esteve
Data Reporting, Advanced Analytics, CICD, and Governance in the Lakehouse Ron L'Esteve
Data The tale of two Azure Hubs - IoT Hub and Event Hub John Miner
Data Masking Automatically Create and Anonymize Downstream Databases from Azure DB Derek Colley
Database Design and Manage Azure SQL Data Warehouse Ron L'Esteve
Delete Execute Recurring Deletes on Azure SQL DB using Elastic Job Agents Mohammed Moinudheen
Deployment Deploying Azure Analysis Services using PowerShell cmdlets John Miner
Development Microsoft Azure Analysis Services Web Development Tools Haroon Ashraf
Development Microsoft Azure Analysis Services Web Development Tools - Part 2 Haroon Ashraf
Development Using Azure For Testing POCs and Designs With Lessons Learned Tim Smith
Development Using PowerShell and Azure Blueprints to provision a Modern Data and Analytics Platform Ron L'Esteve
Disaster Recovery SQL Azure Geo Replication Configuration and Testing Rajendra Gupta
Export Options to Perform backup of Azure SQL Database Part 1 Mohammed Moinudheen
Financial Azure Cost Optimization Best Practices Vitor Montalvao
High Availability Azure VM High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for SQL Server Vitor Montalvao
High Availability Building SQL Server Cluster on Azure with Storage Spaces Direct - Part 1 Carla Abanes
High Availability Setup Microsoft SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance Behind an Azure Internal Load Balancer Carla Abanes
Import Copy On-Premises Data to Azure Data Lake Gen 2 Storage using Azure Portal, Storage Explorer, AZCopy Rahul Mehta
Import Leveraging PolyBase to load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse John Miner
Import Update an Azure SQL Data Mart with ADLS files John Miner
Import and Export Azure Blob Storage Data Upload with SSIS Rajendra Gupta
Import and Export How to import data from Azure Blob Storage to a local file with SQL Server Integration Services Daniel Calbimonte
Import and Export Learn how to Migrate a SQL Server database to SQL Azure server Vitor Montalvao
Installation Setup an Azure Virtual Machine and Contoso Sample Database for SQL Server Testing John Miner
Keys Microsoft Azure Key Vault for Password Management for SQL Server Applications John Miner
Linked Servers Creating SQL Server Linked Servers with Azure John Miner
Linked Servers System Stored Procedures for SQL Azure Linked Servers John Miner
Maintenance Index Maintenance in Azure SQL Database with Ola Hallengren's Scripts and Elastic Database Jobs John Martin
Migration Data Migration Assistant (DMA) to Check for SQL Server Compatibility Issues when Migrating to Azure Mohammed Moinudheen
Migration Migrate SQL Server database to Azure VM Vitor Montalvao
Migration Migrating On-Premises Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Solution to Azure Dinesh Asanka
Migration Use Data Migration Assistant (DMA) to migrate on-premises SQL Server database to Azure Mohammed Moinudheen
Monitoring Automating A Heartbeat Check Against an Azure-SQL Database Using PowerShell Tim Smith
Monitoring Create a SQL Server Performance Monitor Dashboard in the Azure Portal Joe Gavin
Monitoring Easy Way to Build an Azure Log Analytics Query Joe Gavin
Monitoring Monitor Azure Resources with Azure Monitor Mohammed Moinudheen
Monitoring Monitoring Azure Health Status Using Azure Portal - Part 1 Mohammed Moinudheen
Monitoring Setting up Azure Log Analytics to Monitor Performance of an Azure Resource Kenneth A. Omorodion
MySQL Azure Database for MySQL John Miner
Notifications Configure Service Health Alerts using Azure Service Health - Part 2 Mohammed Moinudheen
Notifications Create an Alert in Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Joe Gavin
Overview Azure Cloud Data Resources Ryan Kennedy
Overview Getting Started with Azure Databricks Ryan Kennedy
Overview Introduction to Azure SQL Database Managed Instances John Martin
Overview Overview of Basic Configuration Options for SQL Azure Vitor Montalvao
Overview Write Federated U-SQL Queries to Join Azure Data Lake Store Files to Azure SQL DB Ron L'Esteve
Passwords Manage Secrets in Azure Databricks Using Azure Key Vault Akhil Mahajan
Passwords Securely Manage Secrets in Azure Databricks Using Databricks-Backed Akhil Mahajan
Performance Business Critical Tier of Azure SQL Services John Miner
Performance Solutions for AzureSQL LOG_RATE_GOVERNOR Waits Tim Smith
PostgreSQL Deploy and Configure PostgreSQL on an Azure Virtual Machine John Miner
PowerShell Introduction to Azure PowerShell Modules for the SQL Server DBA Part 4 Edwin Sarmiento
Replication Setting Up Geo-Replication in SQL Azure Tim Smith
Replication Using Azure SQL Data Sync to Replicate Data Eduardo Pivaral
Reporting Visualizing Azure Resource Metrics Data in Power BI Kenneth A. Omorodion
Reporting Services Install SSRS ReportServer Databases on Azure SQL Managed Instance Garry Bargsley
Scheduling Introduction to Azure Elastic Database Jobs John Martin
Scheduling Tasks Collecting Data with Elastic Database Jobs in SQL Azure John Martin
Scheduling Tasks Creating Lakehouse ELT Jobs with Apache Spark for Azure Pipelines Ron L'Esteve
Scripts Automate Azure File Uploads and File Deletes With PowerShell Tim Smith
Security Configure and Customize SQL Azure Dynamic Data Masking Rajendra Gupta
Security Configuring SQL Server Endpoint and ACL Access in Windows Azure Derek Colley
Security Improve Security with an Azure Service Principal John Miner
Servers Azure VM Deployment Best Practices Vitor Montalvao
SFTP Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) support for Azure Blob Storage John Miner
Storage Azure Soft Delete Option for Blob Storage to Recover Deleted Files Mohammed Moinudheen
Storage Azure Storage Explorer Overview Mohammed Moinudheen
Storage Databricks and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2: Securing Your Data Lake for Internal Users Ryan Kennedy
Storage Reading and Writing data in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 with Azure Databricks Ryan Kennedy
Storage Securing Azure Storage Account with Shared Access Signature Mohammed Moinudheen
Storage Storage and Serving Layers in the Data Lakehouse Ron L'Esteve
Storage Transfer files between a Data Science Virtual Machine and Azure Data Lake Storage John Miner
Storage Using Azure to store and process large amounts of SQL data John Miner
Storage What's new in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 John Miner
T-SQL SQL Azure Cross Database Querying John Miner
Template Using Azure Quickstart Templates Mohammed Moinudheen
Tools Azure Cloud Data Orchestration, Ingestion and Data Preparation Maria Zakourdaev
Transparent Data Encryption Manage TDE Keys On Premises with SQL Data Files Stored in Azure Mohammed Moinudheen
U-SQL Example Using C# Code with U-SQL Scripts Ron L'Esteve
Upgrade Three Useful Features In Azure-SQL For Growing Environments Tim Smith
Virtual Machines Azure Deploy VM from Template Vitor Montalvao
Virtual Machines Create Azure VM from a VHD image Vitor Montalvao
Workflow Start an Azure Logic App Workflow on Demand or by an Event Koen Verbeeck
Tutorial Topic Author
Moving Data Around in Azure Introduction to Moving Data Around in Azure Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Scheduling with Azure Automation to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Serverless Scripting with Azure Functions to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Big Data Analytics with Azure Databricks to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Workflow Orchestration with Azure Logic Apps to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Building Data Pipelines with Azure Data Factory to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Introduction to Dataflows and SSIS Integration in ADF to Move Data Koen Verbeeck
Moving Data Around in Azure Conclusion to Moving Data Around in Azure Koen Verbeeck
Title Speaker
3 Ways to move databases to the cloud and back, which way is best for you? Denny Cherry, Argenis Fernandez and Robert Quimbey
Azure SQL Database performance Joey DAntoni & Justin Wilkes
Microsoft Azure SQL Database Security and Compliance Ray Barley and David Maman
Moving SQL workloads to the cloud Anat Dror and Tim Fritz
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Analysis Services Analysis Services Administration (32)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Development (94)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Dimensions (16)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Measure Groups (7)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Performance (14)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Security (7)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Tools (1)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Tutorials (6)
Analysis Services Cortana (5)
Analysis Services Performance Point (4)
Business Intelligence Big Data (25)
Business Intelligence Data Warehousing (7)
Cloud Amazon AWS (40)
Cloud Amazon AWS RDS (21)
Cloud Apache Spark (11)
Cloud Azure (149)
Cloud Azure Backup and Restore (25)
Cloud Azure Cosmos DB (15)
Cloud Azure Data Factory (70)
Cloud Azure Databricks (39)
Cloud Azure Integration Services (14)
Cloud Azure SQL Database (49)
Cloud Azure SQL Managed Instance (5)
Cloud Azure Synapse Analytics (41)
Cloud Cloud Strategy (22)
Cloud Google Cloud (10)
Cloud Microsoft Fabric (13)
Data Quality Data Quality Services (10)
Data Quality Master Data Services (41)
Database Administration Availability Groups (79)
Database Administration Backup (81)
Database Administration Central Management Servers (10)
Database Administration Clustering (77)
Database Administration Comparison Data and Objects (14)
Database Administration Compression (22)
Database Administration Contained Databases (4)
Database Administration Containers (12)
Database Administration Database Administration (206)
Database Administration Database Configurations (19)
Database Administration Database Console Commands DBCCs (25)
Database Administration Database Mail (18)
Database Administration Database Mirroring (33)
Database Administration DBA Best Practices (39)
Database Administration Dedicated Administrator Connection (4)
Database Administration Deprecated Features (5)
Database Administration DevOps (36)
Database Administration Disaster Recovery (23)
Database Administration Error Logs (11)
Database Administration Express Edition (16)
Database Administration Extended Events (22)
Database Administration FILESTREAM (9)
Database Administration Fragmentation and Index Maintenance (28)
Database Administration Hardware (14)
Database Administration High Availability (3)
Database Administration Indexing (92)
Database Administration Install and Uninstall (32)
Database Administration Licensing (4)
Database Administration Linked Servers (18)
Database Administration Locking and Blocking (43)
Database Administration Log Shipping (18)
Database Administration Maintenance (34)
Database Administration Monitoring (112)
Database Administration Other Database Platforms (84)
Database Administration Partitioning (17)
Database Administration Performance Data Warehouse (4)
Database Administration Performance Tuning (136)
Database Administration Policy Based Management (29)
Database Administration PostgreSQL (1)
Database Administration PowerShell (131)
Database Administration Profiler and Trace (20)
Database Administration Query Store (7)
Database Administration Recovery Models (4)
Database Administration Referential Integrity (5)
Database Administration Replication (76)
Database Administration Resource Governor (5)
Database Administration Restore (42)
Database Administration Snowflake (25)
Database Administration SQL Server 2016 (96)
Database Administration SQL Server 2017 (44)
Database Administration SQL Server 2019 (20)
Database Administration SQL Server 2022 (22)
Database Administration SQL Server Configurations (75)
Database Administration SQL Server on Linux (78)
Database Administration StreamInsight (2)
Database Administration System Databases (31)
Database Administration Upgrades and Migrations (55)
Database Administration Virtualization (25)
Database Administration Windows Internal Database (1)
Database Development Application Development (46)
Database Development Artificial Intelligence (16)
Database Development Azure Functions (7)
Database Development Change Data Capture (15)
Database Development Common Runtime Language (13)
Database Development Common Table Expressions (4)
Database Development Constraints (20)
Database Development Data Cleansing for Validation (4)
Database Development Data Science (3)
Database Development Data Types (18)
Database Development Database Design (80)
Database Development Dates (54)
Database Development Debugging (4)
Database Development Dynamic Management Views and Functions (33)
Database Development Dynamic SQL (7)
Database Development Entity Framework (13)
Database Development Error Handling (11)
Database Development Full Text Search (21)
Database Development Functions System (74)
Database Development Functions User Defined UDF (41)
Database Development Identities (17)
Database Development Import and Export (77)
Database Development In Memory OLTP (32)
Database Development JOIN Tables (21)
Database Development Language Integrated Query LINQ (7)
Database Development Microsoft Access Integration (8)
Database Development Microsoft Excel Integration (44)
Database Development Microsoft Flow (1)
Database Development Paging (5)
Database Development Python (84)
Database Development Query Optimization (15)
Database Development Query Plans (20)
Database Development R Language (11)
Database Development Scripts (35)
Database Development Service Broker (11)
Database Development Spatial Data Storage (9)
Database Development SQL Injection (5)
Database Development SQL Server Management Objects SMO (3)
Database Development Stored Procedures (29)
Database Development Synonyms (5)
Database Development Table Valued Parameters (4)
Database Development Temp Tables (9)
Database Development Temporal Tables (13)
Database Development Testing (32)
Database Development Transactions (9)
Database Development Triggers (44)
Database Development TSQL (389)
Database Development User Defined Type UDT (3)
Database Development Views (16)
Database Development XML (14)
Integration Services Data Transformation Services (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Administration (10)
Integration Services Integration Services Analysis Services Tasks (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Best Practices (12)
Integration Services Integration Services Configuration Options (22)
Integration Services Integration Services Connection Managers (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Control Flow Transformations (14)
Integration Services Integration Services Data Flow Transformations (19)
Integration Services Integration Services Development (109)
Integration Services Integration Services Email (3)
Integration Services Integration Services Error Handling (8)
Integration Services Integration Services Excel (14)
Integration Services Integration Services Execute Package Options (8)
Integration Services Integration Services Import and Export Wizard (2)
Integration Services Integration Services NULL Management (4)
Integration Services Integration Services Oracle (4)
Integration Services Integration Services Performance (12)
Integration Services Integration Services Security (7)
Integration Services Integration Services Upgrade (4)
Power Platform Power Apps (20)
Power Platform Power BI (168)
Power Platform Power BI Charts (57)
Power Platform Power BI Formatting (17)
Professional Development Professional Development Books (3)
Professional Development Professional Development Branding (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Career (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Career Planning (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Career Transition (4)
Professional Development Professional Development Certifications (60)
Professional Development Professional Development Community (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Conferences (2)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions BI (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions DBA (23)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions Developer (9)
Professional Development Professional Development Interviewing (39)
Professional Development Professional Development Job Search (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Management (14)
Professional Development Professional Development Recruiters (6)
Professional Development Professional Development Resume (13)
Professional Development Professional Development Skills Development (18)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Administration (21)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Analysis Services (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Best Practices (6)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Charts (25)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Configuration (10)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Custom Report (2)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Dashboard (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Data Sources (10)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Development (39)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Drill Through (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Dynamic Reports (11)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Filtering (3)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Formatting (26)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Functions (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Images (2)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Installation (10)
Reporting Services Reporting Services KPI (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Maps (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Migration (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Monitoring (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Network Load Balancing (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Overview (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Parameters (15)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Performance (6)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Report Builder (9)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Report Models (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Security (8)
Reporting Services Reporting Services SharePoint (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Subreports (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Tutorials (1)
Security Auditing and Compliance (46)
Security Encryption (35)
Security Security (199)
Security Surface Area Configuration Manager (4)
SharePoint SharePoint (131)
SharePoint SharePoint Administration (46)
SharePoint SharePoint Configuration (27)
SharePoint Sharepoint Design (46)
SharePoint SharePoint Document Management (20)
Tools Azure Data Studio (17)
Tools SQL Operations Studio (11)
Tools SQL Server Agent (94)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio (78)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio Configuration (22)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts (9)
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