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Valuable SQL Server Database Design tips, tutorials, how-to's, scripts, and more for SQL Server Developers.

SubCategory Tip Title Author
All Tips Working with SQL Server Extended Properties Jayendra Viswanathan
Constraints SQL Server Performance Testing for Check Constraint vs Foreign Key Ben Snaidero
Data Calculate SQL Server Page Counts for Tables, Indexes and Objects Jared Westover
Data Dealing with a No NULL Requirement for Data Modeling in SQL Server K. Brian Kelley
Data The Pros and Cons of Using T-SQL Soft Transactions Tim Smith
Data Model Create a Star Schema Data Model in SQL Server using the Microsoft Toolset Nai Biao Zhou
Data Model Creating an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for Database Applications David Ekete
Data Model Data model access after a SQL Server database restore Jeremy Kadlec
Data Model Explore the Role of Normal Forms in Dimensional Modeling Nai Biao Zhou
Data Model Identifying Object Dependencies in SQL Server Ashish Kumar Mehta
Data Model Optimal Storage of IP addresses in a SQL Server database Brent Shaub
Data Model Remodel Poorly Designed SQL Server Database Tables Derek Colley
Data Model SQL Server Database Design with a One To One Relationship Brent Shaub
Data Model SQL Server IOT Database Design Example Semjon Terehhov
Data Model SQL Server Management Studio Database Diagram Support Objects Cannot be Installed Sergey Gigoyan
Data Model Star Schema vs Snowflake Schema Considerations Koen Verbeeck
Data Model Storing E-mail addresses more efficiently in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
Data Model Storing E-mail addresses more efficiently in SQL Server - Part 2 Aaron Bertrand
Data Model Understanding First Normal Form in SQL Server K. Brian Kelley
Data Model Using a Star Schema for Power BI Reporting Koen Verbeeck
Data Model Using DELETE CASCADE Option for Foreign Keys Ben Snaidero
Data Model Using Hashbytes to track and store historical changes for SQL Server data Christian Allaire
Data Model What is a GUID in SQL Server Siddharth Mehta
Data Model What is a Snowflake Schema and how to use in Power BI Koen Verbeeck
Data Types Compare SQL Server Page Splits for INT vs BIGINT vs GUID Data Types Ben Snaidero
Data Types Comparing SQL Server CPU usage with arithmetic for float versus numeric datatypes Ben Snaidero
Data Types Find SQL Server Integer Columns to Make Skinnier Aaron Bertrand
Data Types Identify All SQL Server Tables with Columns of a BLOB Data Type Jeremy Kadlec
Data Types SQL Server Data Type Consistency Aaron Bertrand
Data Types SQL Server Performance Comparison INT versus GUID Ben Snaidero
Data Types SQL Server User Defined Data Types, Rules and Defaults Atif Shehzad
Data Validation Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehouse Data Quality, Cleansing, Verification and Matching Ray Barley
Database Dictionary Build a SQL Server Data Dictionary with the Extended Properties Kun Lee
Database Dictionary Create a Simple SQL Server Database Server Object Report with Minimum Effort Siddharth Mehta
Database Dictionary Create a SQL Server Data Dictionary in Seconds using Extended Properties Ken Simmons
Database Dictionary Creative Uses for Extended Properties in SQL Server Brent Shaub
Database Dictionary Query Extended Properties from Multiple SQL Server Databases Aaron Bertrand
Database Dictionary Script to build a SQL Server Data Dictionary and report with Microsoft Excel Kun Lee
Design Data Modeling: Understanding First Normal Form in SQL Server K. Brian Kelley
Design Tools Create Table in SQL Server using Excel Template Greg Robidoux
Design Tools Getting started with SQL Server database diagrams Atif Shehzad
Design Tools SQL Server 2005 Data Modeling Tools Jeremy Kadlec
Design Tools SQL Server Data Modeling Tools Jeremy Kadlec
Design Tools SQL Server Database Diagram Tool in Management Studio Jim Evans
Design Tools Using Microsoft Quadrant for data analysis and modeling Siddharth Mehta
Development Basics of Gitflow Workflow for SQL Database Projects Part 1 Haroon Ashraf
Development Branching in Git with SQL Database Projects Haroon Ashraf
Development Gitflow Workflow Feature Branching for SQL Database Projects Haroon Ashraf
Development SQL Database Project with Git Feature Branch Workflow Haroon Ashraf
Development SQL Database Project with SQL Server Data Tools and GIT Haroon Ashraf
DML Trigger Solving the SQL Server Multiple Cascade Path Issue with a Trigger Ben Snaidero
Duplicate Data Find and Remove Duplicate Rows from a SQL Server Table Sergey Gigoyan
Foreign Keys SQL Server Foreign Key Hierarchy Order and Dependency List Script Eduardo Pivaral
Keys Surrogate Key vs Natural Key Differences and When to Use in SQL Server Ben Snaidero
Keys Why Surrogate Keys are Needed for a SQL Server Data Warehouse Dinesh Asanka
Objects CRUD Operations in SQL Server Jeffrey Yao
Overview What is a Relational Database Management System Nai Biao Zhou
Overview What is a Relational Database? Eric Blinn
Performance Compare SQL Server Table Join Performance for INT vs BIGINT vs GUID Data Types Ben Snaidero
Primary Keys Adding a Primary Key to a Prepopulated Table using SQL Server Object Explorer in SSDT Haroon Ashraf
Schema Alter Table Modify Column ONLINE Issues in SQL Server Aaron Bertrand
Schema Populate dimension tables dynamically in SQL Server - Part 2 Aaron Bertrand
Schema Populate dimension tables dynamically in SQL Server Part 1 Aaron Bertrand
Schema Reverse Engineer SQL Server Databases with Visual Studio John Miner
Schema SQL Create Schema to Organize Database Objects, Assign Permissions and Easier Management Joe Gavin
Schema Understanding SQL Server Schemas Aubrey Love
Sparse Columns How to Use the SSIS Profiling Output File to Generate SQL Server Sparse Columns Script Svetlana Golovko
Sparse Columns SQL Server Sparse Columns Identifying Columns For Conversion Ken Simmons
Storage SQL Server Storage Modes - Choosing Rowstore or Columnstore Jared Westover
Table Calculating Table Width in SQL Server Jeremy Kadlec
Table Change SQL Server Table Structures with SQL ALTER TABLE John Miner
Table How to Add a Column to a SQL Server Table Manvendra Singh
Table Identify and Correct SQL Server Forwarded Records Brady Upton
Table Modify SQL Server database tables to keep similar columns together Greg Robidoux
Table Retrieving SQL Server Column Properties with COLUMNPROPERTY Greg Robidoux
Table SQL Script for SQL Server Table and Column Properties Hadi Fadlallah
Table SQL Server and Oracle Create Table Comparison Pablo Echeverria
Table Using Computed Columns in SQL Server with Persisted Values Atif Shehzad
Tables How to Create a SQL Server Database, Tables, Foreign Keys and Data for an Application Jan Potgieter
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Title Speaker
Building Better Data Models Brian Kelley & Vani Mishra
Principles of Data Modeling K. Brian Kelley
CategoryGroup Category (articles)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Administration (31)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Development (94)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Dimensions (16)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Measure Groups (7)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Performance (14)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Security (7)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Tools (1)
Analysis Services Analysis Services Tutorials (6)
Analysis Services Cortana (5)
Analysis Services Performance Point (4)
Business Intelligence Big Data (24)
Business Intelligence Data Warehousing (6)
Cloud Amazon AWS (34)
Cloud Amazon AWS RDS (21)
Cloud Apache Spark (9)
Cloud Azure (146)
Cloud Azure Backup and Restore (25)
Cloud Azure Cosmos DB (15)
Cloud Azure Data Factory (68)
Cloud Azure Databricks (29)
Cloud Azure Integration Services (14)
Cloud Azure SQL Database (49)
Cloud Azure SQL Managed Instance (3)
Cloud Azure Synapse Analytics (41)
Cloud Cloud Strategy (22)
Cloud Google Cloud (9)
Cloud Microsoft Fabric (4)
Data Quality Data Quality Services (9)
Data Quality Master Data Services (41)
Database Administration Availability Groups (79)
Database Administration Backup (80)
Database Administration Central Management Servers (10)
Database Administration Clustering (74)
Database Administration Comparison Data and Objects (14)
Database Administration Compression (22)
Database Administration Contained Databases (4)
Database Administration Containers (12)
Database Administration Database Administration (201)
Database Administration Database Configurations (19)
Database Administration Database Console Commands DBCCs (25)
Database Administration Database Mail (18)
Database Administration Database Mirroring (33)
Database Administration DBA Best Practices (39)
Database Administration Dedicated Administrator Connection (4)
Database Administration Deprecated Features (5)
Database Administration DevOps (36)
Database Administration Disaster Recovery (23)
Database Administration Error Logs (11)
Database Administration Express Edition (16)
Database Administration Extended Events (22)
Database Administration FILESTREAM (9)
Database Administration Fragmentation and Index Maintenance (27)
Database Administration Hardware (14)
Database Administration High Availability (3)
Database Administration Indexing (92)
Database Administration Install and Uninstall (32)
Database Administration Licensing (4)
Database Administration Linked Servers (18)
Database Administration Locking and Blocking (42)
Database Administration Log Shipping (18)
Database Administration Maintenance (34)
Database Administration Monitoring (117)
Database Administration Other Database Platforms (82)
Database Administration Partitioning (17)
Database Administration Performance Data Warehouse (4)
Database Administration Performance Tuning (128)
Database Administration Policy Based Management (29)
Database Administration PowerShell (131)
Database Administration Profiler and Trace (20)
Database Administration Query Store (7)
Database Administration Recovery Models (4)
Database Administration Referential Integrity (5)
Database Administration Replication (75)
Database Administration Resource Governor (5)
Database Administration Restore (42)
Database Administration Snowflake (23)
Database Administration SQL Server 2016 (96)
Database Administration SQL Server 2017 (44)
Database Administration SQL Server 2019 (20)
Database Administration SQL Server 2022 (23)
Database Administration SQL Server Configurations (75)
Database Administration SQL Server on Linux (76)
Database Administration StreamInsight (2)
Database Administration System Databases (31)
Database Administration Upgrades and Migrations (55)
Database Administration Virtualization (25)
Database Administration Windows Internal Database (1)
Database Development Application Development (43)
Database Development Artificial Intelligence (9)
Database Development Azure Functions (7)
Database Development Change Data Capture (15)
Database Development Common Runtime Language (13)
Database Development Common Table Expressions (3)
Database Development Constraints (19)
Database Development Data Cleansing for Validation (4)
Database Development Data Science (3)
Database Development Data Types (18)
Database Development Database Design (79)
Database Development Dates (54)
Database Development Debugging (4)
Database Development Dynamic Management Views and Functions (33)
Database Development Dynamic SQL (7)
Database Development Entity Framework (13)
Database Development Error Handling (10)
Database Development Full Text Search (21)
Database Development Functions System (74)
Database Development Functions User Defined UDF (41)
Database Development Identities (17)
Database Development Import and Export (76)
Database Development In Memory OLTP (32)
Database Development JOIN Tables (21)
Database Development Language Integrated Query LINQ (7)
Database Development Microsoft Access Integration (8)
Database Development Microsoft Excel Integration (44)
Database Development Microsoft Flow (1)
Database Development Paging (5)
Database Development Python (77)
Database Development Query Optimization (14)
Database Development Query Plans (20)
Database Development R Language (11)
Database Development Scripts (35)
Database Development Service Broker (11)
Database Development Spatial Data Storage (9)
Database Development SQL Injection (5)
Database Development SQL Server Management Objects SMO (3)
Database Development Stored Procedures (29)
Database Development Synonyms (5)
Database Development Table Valued Parameters (4)
Database Development Temp Tables (9)
Database Development Temporal Tables (13)
Database Development Testing (32)
Database Development Transactions (9)
Database Development Triggers (44)
Database Development TSQL (381)
Database Development User Defined Type UDT (3)
Database Development Views (16)
Database Development XML (14)
Integration Services Data Transformation Services (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Administration (10)
Integration Services Integration Services Analysis Services Tasks (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Best Practices (12)
Integration Services Integration Services Configuration Options (22)
Integration Services Integration Services Connection Managers (5)
Integration Services Integration Services Control Flow Transformations (14)
Integration Services Integration Services Data Flow Transformations (19)
Integration Services Integration Services Development (110)
Integration Services Integration Services Email (3)
Integration Services Integration Services Error Handling (8)
Integration Services Integration Services Excel (14)
Integration Services Integration Services Execute Package Options (8)
Integration Services Integration Services Import and Export Wizard (2)
Integration Services Integration Services NULL Management (4)
Integration Services Integration Services Oracle (4)
Integration Services Integration Services Performance (12)
Integration Services Integration Services Security (7)
Integration Services Integration Services Upgrade (4)
Power Platform Power Apps (20)
Power Platform Power BI (159)
Power Platform Power BI Charts (55)
Power Platform Power BI Formatting (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Books (3)
Professional Development Professional Development Branding (15)
Professional Development Professional Development Career (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Career Planning (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Career Transition (4)
Professional Development Professional Development Certifications (54)
Professional Development Professional Development Community (16)
Professional Development Professional Development Conferences (2)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions BI (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions DBA (23)
Professional Development Professional Development Interview Questions Developer (9)
Professional Development Professional Development Interviewing (39)
Professional Development Professional Development Job Search (18)
Professional Development Professional Development Management (14)
Professional Development Professional Development Recruiters (6)
Professional Development Professional Development Resume (13)
Professional Development Professional Development Skills Development (18)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Administration (20)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Analysis Services (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Best Practices (6)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Charts (25)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Configuration (10)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Custom Report (2)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Dashboard (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Data Sources (10)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Development (38)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Drill Through (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Dynamic Reports (11)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Filtering (3)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Formatting (26)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Functions (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Images (2)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Installation (9)
Reporting Services Reporting Services KPI (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Maps (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Migration (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Monitoring (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Network Load Balancing (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Overview (5)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Parameters (15)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Performance (6)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Report Builder (9)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Report Models (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Security (8)
Reporting Services Reporting Services SharePoint (1)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Subreports (4)
Reporting Services Reporting Services Tutorials (1)
Security Auditing and Compliance (46)
Security Encryption (35)
Security Security (197)
Security Surface Area Configuration Manager (4)
SharePoint SharePoint (131)
SharePoint SharePoint Administration (46)
SharePoint SharePoint Configuration (27)
SharePoint Sharepoint Design (46)
SharePoint SharePoint Document Management (20)
Tools Azure Data Studio (17)
Tools SQL Operations Studio (11)
Tools SQL Server Agent (93)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio (78)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio Configuration (22)
Tools SQL Server Management Studio Shortcuts (9)
Tools Tools (36)

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